Depilatories Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

The depilatories industry is comprised of companies primarily concerned with the manufacturing, distribution, and retailing of hair removal products. Depilatories are considered cosmetic products used to remove unwanted hair on the surface of the skin, and typically come in cream, gel, aerosol, lotion, or powdered form. Depilatories are often considered more convenient and less expensive than having removal treatments at a salon or spa facility. The chemical properties in depilatories aide in the hair removal process by breaking down bonds in keratin that given hair its strength. When the hair is weakened in this manner, it either disintegrates or is distressed enough that it can be scraped or wiped away.

Depilatories have both positive and negative effects, even when used in the exact manner as directed. Typically, chemically depilatories are heralded as pain-free hair removal methods (versus, for example, waxing). Depilatories can also be utilized in the home by anyone as they do not require any advance training before application. They usually work quickly, and are easily available at various retail locations. Depilatory products also generally give different levels of strength as it applies to the hair removal process. Negative connotations of depilatory usage include an unpleasant odor, as well as messy applications of the depilatory substance. Though billed as “painless”, depilatories may irritate the skin, and their effectiveness is short-lived. The unwanted hair typically begins to grow again within two to five days time. Users with dark hair may also noticed “shadows” under the skin where they have use the depilatory, as depilatories only help in removing the part of the hair follicle that is above the epidermis.

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Depilatories Industry Research & Market Reports

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