Travel Insurance Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

With individuals being more mobile today than at any other point in history, travel has become a an accepted part of academic, business and personal life in the modern world, exposing both businesses and individuals to new financial risk with each trip. Travel Insurance is a specialized form of insurance intended to cover financial default, medical expenses, and a variety of other sources of financial loss that can be incurred while traveling domestically or internationally.

Travel Insurance can be arranged at the time a trip is booked (such as through a travel agency, cruise line operators, or other travel suppliers), which lasts for the duration of a trip, or a longer term, more expansive coverage can be obtained directly from a Travel Insurance company, which can cover Business Travel, Student Travel, Cruises, Leisure Travel, Adventure Travel, and International Travel at various levels.

A variety of issues can be covered by Travel Insurance, including, but not limited to: Medical / Dental Expenses, Return of a Minor Child, Emergency Evacuation or Repatriation of Remains, Trip Cancellation / Interruption, Accidental Injury / Death / Injury / or Disablement, Overseas Funeral Expenses, Curtailment, Delayed Departure / Missed Connection, Lost / Stolen / Damaged Baggage / Personal Effects or Travel Documents, Delayed Baggage (along with emergency replacement of essential items), Legal Assistance, Flight Connection Issues due to airline issues, Weather related Travel Delays, and Hospital care. offers a comprehensive collection of market research reports covering the Travel Insurance Sector, with information covering products offered, market trends, opportunities, analysis, projections, and sales, with specifics offered on marketing strategies, market share, segmentation, growth, and size in both the Global and US Markets.

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Travel Insurance Industry Research & Market Reports

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