Radar Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Market research reports on the radar market specifically address radar and how they are bought and used by governments around the world. Radar technology transmits radio waves which bounce off objects and are used to determine the range, altitude, direction, and speed of both moving and fixed objects for indications, warning, and targeting. Radar (Radio Detection and Ranging) programs and activities are addressed in these market reports, as well as programs and contracts that are designated primarily for radar technology functions.

Radar was developed during World War II and the term RADAR was coined in 1940 by the U.S. Navy as an acronym.

Market reports address topics on a range of radar-related topics for both private industry and the governments they serve. These include radio and satellite operations, ancillary radar equipment manufacturing, other electronic warfare, and APAC and Land ISR Radar markets. Throughout there are assessments of the various radar markets by country. There are discussions of the naval radar market active electronically-scanned array radars. Research shows that modern radar uses include air traffic control, astronomy, air-defense systems, nautical radars to; ocean-surveillance systems and rendezvous systems.Some satellite applications discussed include telemetry, tracking and control services (TTC), as well as the operation of radar stations and satellite terminal stations.

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Radar Industry Research & Market Reports

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