EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Fueled by government incentives, penalties and the healthcare industry necessity to cut costs, the global electronic medical record (EMR) market is expected to sustain annual growth in excess of 10% in the coming years. Hospitals lead all healthcare facilities in terms of EMR adoption; over 90% of U.S. hospitals have already achieved Stage 2 meaningful use of EMR systems as part of government directives related to healthcare information technology (HIT) implementation. Remaining potential users – ambulatory care clinics, primary care and physician practices – have not implemented EMR to the same extent, though they have significant incentive to do so with continued industry consolidation and the need to streamline care.

Also known electronic health records (EHR), EMRs refer both to individual patient records and generally the systems that hold patient records and serve as an interface for data entry and the ordering of tests, other procedures, and prescriptions. A medical record serves as documentation of a patient’s medical history and healthcare service history. Electronic conversion of patient medical records is expected to Improve continuity of care for patients between different providers and clinicians. Electronic documentation of patient medical history also helps mitigate unnecessary repeat procedures or prescriptions and assist in the processing of insurance claims. More pervasive adoption of EMRs across regional healthcare systems, interoperability standards and other HIT solutions will permit for the formation of health information exchanges (HIE).

MarketResearch.com offers a variety of market research studies in the EMR space that will allow you to identify and assess the positioning of key market players, quantify existing markets, determine the potential of remaining expansion markets for EMR systems, and formulate business strategies to more effectively engage future markets.

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EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Industry Research & Market Reports

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