Breakfast Foods Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

In American culture, almost anything can be eaten for breakfast. Though this may be true, there are certain food considered to be traditional breakfast foods, including cereal, meats like bacon and ham, eggs, bagels, breads, and various dairy products. Recent trends point towards consumer demand for healthier breakfast options that are more nutritional, and are produced with natural and organic components. Other preferred breakfast items include foods intended to help the consumer lose weight and inhibit certain forms of chronic disease. Convenience is a large factor in the delivery of breakfast foods, prompting the creation of foods in the form of bars which are portable and easy to prepare. provides reports that look at breakfast foods consumed everywhere, from the home to a variety of breakfast food retailers and restaurants. These reports will help cultivate a robust understanding of the breakfast food industry for companies seeking to complete both in the at home as well as the away from home breakfast food industries.

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Breakfast Foods Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Breakfast Cereal Manufacturing

    ... General Mills, Kellogg, Post Consumer Brands, Quaker (owned by PepsiCo), and TreeHouse Foods (all based in the US); along with Cereal Partners Worldwide, a joint venture between General Mills and Nestlé (Switzerland) and The Jordans ... Read More

  • Breakfast Cereals in Morocco

    ... choice in the country, as these products are relatively more expensive and less filling. Nevertheless, companies are trying to change Moroccans’ minds and their perception of breakfast cereals, by offering more affordable brands and smaller ... Read More

  • Breakfast Cereals in Malaysia

    ... consuming breakfast cereals occasionally and turning to the more competitively priced products and brands within the category. For instance, consumers prefer to purchase Koko Krunch from Nestlé (M) Bhd instead of Kellogg's Frosties from Kellogg ... Read More

  • Breakfast Cereals in Azerbaijan

    ... from baked goods for this part of the daily meal. This is especially noted in rural areas, with sales in breakfast cereals mainly supported by demand from busy urban dwellers in the major cities, such ... Read More

  • Breakfast Cereals in Belgium

    ... to relax, consumers have been returning to the office and various workplaces, having less time in the home to have breakfast, with many opting for breakfast on-the-go. As a result, although current retail value sales ... Read More

  • Breakfast Cereals in Bolivia

    ... breakfast in public schools and with schools fully operational again in 2022, this is expected to negatively impact retail volumes. Though unlike many other countries, Bolivia is not experiencing soaring inflation due the energy crises ... Read More

  • Breakfast Cereals in Croatia

    ... away from traditional breakfasts that consists of bread, spread and processed meat or cheese. Breakfast cereals are considered a healthier option that is richer in fibre among Croatia’s younger population, whilst the older population and ... Read More

  • Breakfast Cereals in Denmark

    ... challenges are largely the result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 which has created turmoil in the European market as food and energy prices rise sharply. Faced with a significant increase in prices ... Read More

  • Breakfast Cereals in Greece

    ... during 2020 when Greeks were confined to the home during the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdowns. As life resumes a sense of normalcy in 2022 and consumers spend more time outside of the home, demand ... Read More

  • Breakfast Cereals in Hungary

    ... aimed at children. The highest growth in this context in breakfast cereals has been detected in free from hot cereals. Previously, consumers who chose free from breakfast cereals were ones who suffered from food sensitivities. ... Read More

  • Breakfast Cereals in Israel

    ... impacted the packaged food landscape, including breakfast cereals. As the price of making these products has risen, this has been passed on to consumers. This has led to positive current retail value growth for breakfast ... Read More

  • Breakfast Cereals in Italy

    ... to breakfast more frequently at home. Panic buying and stockpiling also provided a considerable boost to demand, particularly during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. While many Italians returned to the office in 2021 ... Read More

  • Breakfast Cereals in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    ... growth since breakfast cereals are considered a nutritious option. The desire for convenience is resulting in a shift towards small individual portions of packaged breakfast cereals, helping to sustain volume growth. The higher price points ... Read More

  • Breakfast Cereals in Bulgaria

    ... the idea that breakfast cereals are healthy by default. As such, consumers are showing an increased demand for products made without glucose syrup or palm oil, alongside those with less sugar, whole grains, and fortified ... Read More

  • Breakfast Cereals in Ecuador

    ... soaring inflation and the main factor contributing to the retail volume decline is that with society opening up again post pandemic lockdowns, consumers are eating in restaurants again. Though prices are rising, due to the ... Read More

  • Breakfast Cereals in Estonia

    ... and typically come in bright packaging, which helps to make them more appealing to children who do not like to eat breakfast at home. Euromonitor International's Breakfast Cereals in Estonia report offers in-depth knowledge of ... Read More

  • Breakfast Cereals in Finland

    ... is taking place, leading to a decline in retail value growth. However, unit prices have continued to grow due to increasing production costs, higher transportation costs and inflation. Euromonitor International's Breakfast Cereals in Finland report ... Read More

  • Breakfast Cereals in Kazakhstan

    ... be an important part of their daily nutrition. Sales of breakfast cereals are heavily concentrated in the country’s two major cities Astana and Almaty. Nonetheless, demand is slowly growing in the many second-tier cities located ... Read More

  • Breakfast Cereals in Ireland

    ... drink products to children"". It restricts where certain types of food are permitted to be displayed within supermarkets or on their websites. Over the forecast period, other regulations come into force, banning multi-buy promotions of ... Read More

  • Breakfast Cereals in the Philippines

    ... to out-of-home lifestyles has resulted in fewer snacking occasions at home and thus is placing a degree of downwards pressure on sales – in contrast to the era of pandemic lockdowns, when we saw a ... Read More

  • Breakfast Cereals in Switzerland

    ... themes in breakfast cereals at the end of the review period. Many products in breakfast cereals have, therefore, come under increasing scrutiny and criticism for their high levels of sugar and salt, in an increasingly ... Read More

  • Breakfast Cereals in China

    ... growth due to the wellness trend, which developed rapidly during the pandemic. Muesli and granola is expected to see declines in both retail volume and current value terms, due to the shift of consumer preference ... Read More

  • Breakfast Cereals in the Czech Republic

    ... prices rising so strongly, retail value growth will accelerate, leading to a double-digit volume growth rate in 2022. Euromonitor International's Breakfast Cereals in Czech Republic report offers in-depth knowledge of the market at a national ... Read More

  • Breakfast Cereals in Egypt

    ... spending more time at home during the pandemic, as well as the stockpiling of staple foods, including breakfast cereals, which benefit from long shelf-lives and ease of storage, rendering them a convenient option for a ... Read More

  • Breakfast Cereals in France

    ... early 2022, with Russia and Ukraine accounting for around a quarter of the world’s supply of wheat, which is a key component of many breakfast cereals. Manufacturers and retailers have also faced other challenges such ... Read More

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