Diabetes Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Diabetes continues to be a major healthcare problem, fueling markets for insulin, hypoglycemics and diagnostic products. Uncertainty regarding changes in the U.S. health care system, coupled with continued severe cost constraints on global health care systems in general, has sustained this trend. Although demographics and the growing prevalence of age-related diseases and burgeoning obesity would appear to support resumed market growth, manufacturers are understandably concerned about the timing and magnitude of market recovery as competition intensifies for increasingly scarce health care funds. However, despite the general down climate of the economy and healthcare, there has been great progress in the advancement of diabetes knowledge, treatment and prevention in recent years. This progress continues of a daily basis, with scientific advances being announced at an exponential rate. New therapeutic products are being introduced regularly and the pipeline is now full of new diabetes therapeutics in development. Never before, in the history of medicine, has the outlook for diabetes treatment and prevention looked so promising.
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Diabetes Industry Research & Market Reports

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