Alcoholic Beverages Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Alcohol is a term that is derived from an Arabic word that refers to distillation and means “finely divided”. Alcoholic drinks have been consumed by people around the world since ancient times.

The names of some alcoholic drinks are influenced by their base material. A drink that has been fermented from a starch heavy grain like potatoes is called a beer. When the fermented mash is distilled, then the beverage is a spirit. Wine and brandy are made from grapes only. If an alcoholic drink is made from another kind of fruit, it is a fruit brandy of a fruit wine. Beer is made from barley or a combination of grains. Whiskey is made from grain or a blended mixture of grains. Vodka is distilled from potatoes or fermented grain.

In the United States, the individual states control the sale of alcohol. A country that does not allow the sale of alcohol is known as a dry county. Blue laws are in effect in some states, prohibiting the selling of alcohol on Sunday.

Some states like Nevada and Connecticut have very permissive rules and regulations in regard to alcohol. Other states such as Kansas and Oklahoma have very strict rules.

Most countries have laws that prohibit driving while impaired by alcohol. Punishments for such violations include fines, loss of drivers license and jail time. The legal thresh holds of blood alcohol levels range from 0.0% to 0.8%.

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Alcoholic Beverages Industry Research & Market Reports

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