Tablet PC Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

A tablet personal computer has a touch screen and is a single panel. A tablet is more portable than a laptop and more powerful than a notebook computer. Apple’s iPad created a revolution in tablets, as it did with the introduction of the iPhone. Global sales of tablets have risen dramatically over the last few years into the double digit millions. Computer manufacturers are competing to capture the consumer’s imagination with the next must-have mobile media tablet. By 2011, familiar brands already in the marketplace were iPads, BlackBerry Playbook, and HP Touchpads. Tablet platforms include iPad, Android and BlackBerry, HP WebOS and Windows, with specific platforms being offered with browsers for searching the Web. Each platform runs apps written only for it’s own operating system. While tablets are still a niche market in mainstream computing, they are becoming ever more popular with 3G capabilities, WiFi and broader wireless communication.
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Tablet PC Industry Research & Market Reports

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