Giftware Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Giftware refers to goods that are considered suitable as gifts. They are purchased and given to another person without the expectation of something given in return. The giftware industry experiences ebbs and flows based on a number of factors, but the holidays are one of the biggest. Aside from personal birthdays and special occasions, holidays are among the top reasons people spend money on gifts. Studies show that more than 90% of Americans celebrate winter holidays, in particular, which include Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah. In 2013, holiday celebrants spent an average of $730 on items that included gifts. Overall, holiday sales reached $602 billion that year. Mother’s Day also brings in strong revenue with consumers spending approximately $19.9 billion on gifts in 2013. Among the most popular items in the gift, novelty and souvenir shop industry are greeting cards. Recent estimates show that approximately 6.5 billion people purchase greeting cards each year, which helps maintain annual retail sales of greeting cards at between $7 and $8 billion. These strong figures are reflected in the increase in revenue experienced among gift shops and card stores, which has steadily grown year over year and reached $20 billion in 2014. The extensive gift giving means manufacturers and suppliers, as well as those in the packaging and accessories sectors, are also busy. In 2009, about 71% of adults were most likely to purchase gift-wrap supplies and wrap their presents, while about 19% placed presents in a gift bag, meaning manufacturers and suppliers are always in need. makes it easy to explore the latest market research findings on giftware. We offer industry reports, global databases, forecast reports, and retail reports regarding this industry. Find information on gift manufacturers, suppliers, packaging and accessories, novelty stores and more to get a well-rounded look at this industry.
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Giftware Industry Research & Market Reports

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