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In the retail market, various types of “diet food” products are available to make it more convenient and less painful for consumers to lose weight and to make healthier, more responsible eating choices. A steady influx of new product introductions means that the diet market has expanded across a wide range of food and beverage categories, including many not traditionally associated with weight loss. Traditionally, the core diet food categories included meal replacement liquids and powders, as well as diet- or weight-loss positioned versions of frozen dinners or food bars. Special medical diet products (such as those for diabetics) also form part of the diet food arena.

Leading diet and weight loss plans have boosted their success and market presence with enormous commercial enterprises that include retail establishments, websites, and book and software products, along with branded diet food products. The food products available from such leading weight loss plans include food bars, drink mixes, breakfast cereals, shelf-stable or frozen lunch or dinner ready meals, as well as nutrition, calorie, and portion-control snack and dessert products of all types. Diet food products may be further tagged with claims such as “light” or “lean,” as well as more specific descriptors such as “low-fat” or “fat-free” (as with milk or cottage cheese), “low-sugar” or “sugar-free” (as with diet sodas or chewing gum), or both low-fat and low-sugar (as with yogurt products). For consumers interested in diet foods and beverages, the notion of convenience is key. In addition to portable and quick-serve products, convenience means a wider range of diet food and beverage options more widely available at retail—and options that stand up against general-market fare in both taste and convenience.

Within the U.S. market, the marketing and consumption of diet foods takes place in the context of a national obesity crisis. Obesity in the United States has risen steadily for half a century, and at epidemic rates during the most recent decades. Hundreds of thousands of U.S. adult deaths each year are attributable to unhealthy dietary habits, as well as health problems caused by physical inactivity and sedentary behavior, such that obesity ranks as a leading cause of preventable death in United States. Obesity is found worldwide, of course, but the prevalence of these conditions in the United States ranks at the highest levels among developed nations.

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Diet Food & Weight Loss Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Global Weight Loss Management Market Analysis & Trends - Industry Forecast to 2025

    ... prominent trends that the market is witnessing include change in lifestyle habits & rapid urbanization, growing numerous bariatric surgeries and raising healthcare awareness among young population. Based on drugs and supplements, market is segmented into ... Read More

  • Weight Management and Wellbeing in the Netherlands

    ... better performance over the forecast period, with a 1% value CAGR expected in constant 2017 terms. Despite the increasing numbers of Dutch consumers who are adopting healthier lifestyles, sales growth within the category over the ... Read More

  • Weight Management and Wellbeing in New Zealand

    ... Vitaco Health NZ was the only brand available in supermarkets, with the Healtheries Naturally Slim range. However, with the popularity of herbal tea, it made sense for another player to enter the category with a ... Read More

  • Weight Management and Wellbeing in Pakistan

    ... A general trend of crash diets and quick yet effective workout regimes among young people will also fuel growth of these products over the forecast period. Consumers prefer to lose weight by using supplements as ... Read More

  • Weight Management and Wellbeing in Singapore

    ... to post weaker value growth over the forecast period. A survey conducted by Herbalife revealed that 42% of Singapore respondents are more likely to exercise to ensure healthy ageing. Therefore, weight management and wellbeing products ... Read More

  • Weight Management and Wellbeing in Hong Kong, China

    ... which can then lead to serious health issues such as strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes and more. In order to prevent gaining weight and being unhealthy, many consumers opt for weight management and wellbeing products. ... Read More

  • Weight Management and Wellbeing in Ukraine

    ... tradition of eating stodgy and fatty food, worsened by the shift towards junk food and poor-quality food with the addition of preserving agents and other artificial ingredients. The popularity of alcoholic drinks, beer in particular, ... Read More

  • Weight Management and Wellbeing in Bosnia-Herzegovina

    ... This boosted demand for weight management and wellbeing products in 2017. Considering the long-term climate forecasts of global warming, the weather patterns are likely to continue to support growth in weight management and wellbeing over ... Read More

  • Consumer Health in Bosnia-Herzegovina

    ... end of the review period and in 2017 industry players were increasingly looking at identifying opportunities which could generate new growth going into the forecast period. At the same time, consumers were still becoming accustomed ... Read More

  • Weight Management and Wellbeing in the Philippines

    ... high prices. Filipino consumers continue to be price-conscious, despite increasing incomes and the rising number of middle-income families. However, the growing prominence of products through online retailing and direct selling is encouraging more consumers to ... Read More

  • Weight Management and Wellbeing in Bolivia

    ... weight and to have a healthy nutrition, with people aware of products that can help them achieve this goal. Euromonitor International's Weight Management and Wellbeing in Bolivia report offers a comprehensive guide to the size ... Read More

  • Weight Management and Wellbeing in Uzbekistan

    ... Moreover, the majority of traditional food is oily and Uzbekistanis tend to consume it daily. Sitting or sometimes even lying in chaykhanas after work also leads to excess weight amongst men. However, despite the fact ... Read More

  • Weight Management and Wellbeing in Guatemala

    ... the lower end of the market lack the education and disposable incomes to use these products. New products and brands in categories such as supplement nutrition drinks are bringing more dynamism to weight management and ... Read More

  • Consumer Health in Uzbekistan

    ... constant growth of the population. The government aimed to start implementing an import substitution policy in 2017, in order to stimulate local production of pharmaceuticals so that Uzbekistanis would have affordable medicines and medical products. ... Read More

  • Weight Management and Wellbeing in Turkey

    ... meals. Moreover, many traditional types of high-density food, such as baklava and other pastries, which were once considered festive, once-in-a-while treats, are being consumed daily. According to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), around 35% of ... Read More

  • Consumer Health in Germany

    ... and the virulent cold season in 2016/2017. Growing health awareness in Germany has led to the higher popularity of vitamins and dietary supplements, although negatively affected OTC products, as chemical ingredients and side-effects are increasingly ... Read More

  • Weight Management and Wellbeing in Venezuela

    ... an unwanted and unplanned average weight loss of more than eight kilograms per capita, according to a Survey of Life Conditions. The obesity trend has been suddenly reversed in a turn of events that is ... Read More

  • Weight Management and Wellbeing in Germany

    ... live more active lifestyles, which include working out at fitness centres, running and yoga. In addition, more balanced and healthy diets enable consumers to better manage their weight. Social media has played a significant role ... Read More

  • Weight Management and Wellbeing in Sweden

    ... Sweden and previously well-performing brands declined in value terms. Meal replacement continued to decline but at a much lower rate than earlier in the review period. There is also an embarrassment variable connected to weight ... Read More

  • Weight Management and Wellbeing in Uruguay

    ... the region’s mean average which is 58% for Latin America. The obesity rate is also higher in Uruguay than the average for the region. Moreover, 11% of Uruguayan children aged under five years old are ... Read More

  • Weight Management and Wellbeing in Tunisia

    ... potential for growth over the forecast period. Sales are set to be driven mainly by the increasing number of overweight and obese people in Tunisia. The ideal of a fit and healthy body will be ... Read More

  • Weight Management and Wellbeing in the United Kingdom

    ... The combination of rising consumer health-awareness and the increasing prevalence of obesity would appear to provide favourable conditions for the development of weight management and wellbeing products and, indeed, the category registered strong growth in ... Read More

  • Consumer Health in India

    ... maintain growth momentum for consumer health products. As a number of consumer health products became available in the traditional grocery channel, sales picked up in the rural regions of the country. The trend of self-medication ... Read More

  • Weight Management and Wellbeing in Slovenia

    ... period, despite its maturity. Consumers are becoming more conscious of not only their general health but also their physical appearance. This has the potential to influence the development of weight management products, although the rise ... Read More

  • Weight Management and Wellbeing in India

    ... up weight management products for a fitter and better appearance. Looking good and staying fit has become a mantra among urban Indian consumers with a large proportion of the population taking up yoga and exercising ... Read More

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