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Normally, different flavors are identified into either bitter, sour, salty, sweet, and the overwhelmingly popular and now pursued taste of unami, which actually translates to “yummy” or “delicious” in the Japanese language, and is produced by glutamate. Innovation in flavoring is an area of intense focus for the manufacturers of food, restaurant owners, and also consumers, provide a wide variety and popularity without needing intense, taxing food budgets or needing to raise the costs of ingredients. The increasing demand for international ingredients and products, seen through the exponentially growing popularity of street food and food trucks, and also ethnic foods from South America and similar trends, has made it a possibility to incorporate international tastes to produce very tasteful eating experiences while maintaining economic costs and an overall excellent value. MarketResearch.com provides a wide spectrum of reports sharply focusing on food and beverage flavoring trends, including data and information gathered through research that will be features in the Culinary Trend Tracking Series (CuTTS), which provides and in-depth look into both the emerging and already solidified flavor trends inside the foodservice and retail sectors.
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Flavors Industry Research & Market Reports

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