Paper & Forest Products Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Forest products represent a variety of cellulosic (wood-based) materials harvested from forests, and include paper, wood pulp, lumber, sawmill products, forest-derived millwork products, and livestock feed. Generally speaking, forest products and paper are all derived from wood or woody plant matter. These purposes include wood’s raw material of wood pulp, which is used in the production of paper, as well as wood as a finished structural material used in the construction of buildings. Other products that are non-wood, but still derived from forest resources, are referred to as non-timber forest products. Remaining waste mass from saw mills and other forest product industry facilities have applications in power generation and biofuels or renewable fuels production.

Though non-timber forest products, edible fruits and nuts, fungi, medicinal herbs, and other natural products, are collected in a ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable matter, there are a number of resource pressures on timber-based forest products. Deforestation and global warming, among other environmental concerns, have changed the sustainability and availability of forest products. The concept of sustainable forest stands to reverse the impact of such environmental problems by preserving forest yields without causing irreversible damage to the ecosystem. Wood-based or forest products continue to be in major demand from both developed economies and developing nations, with sustainable industry practices for harvesting forest products a significant area of business development.

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Paper & Forest Products Industry Research & Market Reports

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