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Farms today are run like any other business with the emphasis on marketing, finance, sales and accounting. There are many international farming associations that consist of people who are directly or indirectly involved in the agricultural process and who have an interest in agriculture in other parts of the world, not just their own. Some of these associations are The International Farming Systems Association, The International Farm Management Association and The International Society of Organic Agriculture Research.

Organic farming is the type of farming that relies on green manure, compost and pest control to maintain the soil. Organic farming strictly limits the use of manufactured pesticides, hormones, fertilizers and antibiotics. Organic methods are regulated throughout the world and legally enforced in many countries. The international organization IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) sets all standards and rules.

Farming at one time was the way of life in nearly every country. Before the twentieth century, the average American family lived on a small farm. Families raised cattle, sheep, chicken, and planted vegetables, fruits, corn and wheat. The farming life was hard work and families barely harvested enough food for their household. New machinery and scientific methods changed farming and made it much more productive. As farming became less important as a family’s way of life, it became a significant business in the United States.

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Farming Industry Research & Market Reports

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