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  • Lithuania - Mobile Infrastructure, Broadband, Operators - Statistics and Analyses

    ... broadcaster Telecentras has become the fourth mobile operator, with an extensive infrastructure using spectrum formerly assigned to its WiMAX offering and since being migrated to an LTE-A platform. SIM card penetration is high for the ... Read More

  • Canadian Telecom Services Forecast, 2018–2022: Telecom Inside Out

    ... annual update of IDC Canada's custom Communications Market Model and replaces our previous comprehensive forecast document.Readers should note the adjustments made in this study and rely on this forecast for 2018 planning purposes. This study ... Read More

  • Telecommunications Services in Australia - Industry Market Research Report

    ... and operate telecommunications infrastructure. Telecommunications resellers purchase network capacity and then retail services to businesses and consumers. Internet service providers are not included in this subdivision. This report covers the scope, size, disposition and growth ... Read More

  • Ghana - Mobile Infrastructure, Operators and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses

    ... AirtelTigo, formed from the merger of Airtel Ghana and Tigo Ghana. Although subscriber growth has remained strong in recent years, with the exception of a dip in 2017 resulting from a redefinition of active subscribers ... Read More

  • Zambia - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses

    ... Consumers have benefited from access to international submarine fibre optic cables, which has seen a considerably reduction in fixed-line and mobile access pricing. The government's Universal Access Fund has made considerable progress, particularly in paying ... Read More

  • Angola - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses

    ... landing of four fibre-optic submarine cables. This vastly increased international bandwidth led to wholesale prices tumbling to a fraction of the former rate, and this in turn has helped make broadband services affordable for the ... Read More

  • Lesotho - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses

    ... is a duopoly between South Africa-based Vodacom and ETL, though competition is insufficient to promote effective price reductions for consumers. Mobile penetration remains below the regional average, while the small size of the market provides ... Read More

  • Mozambique - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses

    ... the first countries in the region to embark upon telecom reform. As a result, some sectors have been opened to competition. The mobile segment in particular has shown strong growth since the introduction of competition ... Read More

  • Tanzania - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses

    ... sector despite it having retaken control of the incumbent telco TTC (formerly TTCL) in June 2016. Foreign participation has also been encouraged to promote economic growth and social development. Policy reforms have led to the ... Read More

  • Nigeria Telecommunications Q2 2018

    ... by the poor performances of Globacom, 9mobile (Etisalat) and MTN, withthe market shedding 17.327mn subscribers in 2017. Despite this, we believe there is still room for operators to expand organically,but that will entail expanding networks ... Read More

  • Russia Telecommunications Q2 2018

    ... reflects the saturated nature of the Russian mobilemarket. However, this should not deter operators from investing in 4G and LTE-Advanced as there are ample opportunities for themin terms of premium data service upselling. While operators ... Read More

  • Singapore Telecommunications Q2 2018

    ... very recently launched) and intensifying the already densecompetition on the market. The increased competition from the introduction of a fourth carrier may hurt ARPU, though this may bemitigated by the increased range of advanced services ... Read More

  • Sub-Saharan Africa Telecommunications Q2 2018

    ... the lower end of the market, while e-commerce,music and gaming will secure the middle tier. A newly emerging downside risk is increased regulatory intervention in MFS, which willlead to higher operating costs that will have ... Read More

  • Hong Kong Telecommunications Q2 2018

    ... that organic growth no longer exists in the market and operators will haveto upsell their converged services bundles and advanced mobile data LTE and LTE-Advanced services to maintain their revenuestreams. Market growth will be driven ... Read More

  • India Telecommunications Q2 2018

    ... Indian mobile market. Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (Jio) has agreedto snap up RCom's towers, spectrum and fibre optic cable. Meanwhile, Maxis is aiming to invest up to USD1.1bn in Aircel in an effortto make the ... Read More

  • Asia Telecommunications Q2 2018

    ... although less developed markets will only slowly benefit. Consolidationin markets such as India shows traditional business strategies - aimed at securing growth through aggressive price competition -ultimately benefits no-one and it is to be hoped ... Read More

  • Canada Telecommunications Q2 2018

    ... operator is unlikely. Shaw is boosting its telecoms presence withrecent deals, as It is focusing on its footprint, as is Quebecor, and we expect they are more likely to follow the MTS route, where theyare ... Read More

  • Middle East And North Africa Telecommunications Q2 2018

    ... in Zain sees the former reposition itself as a digitalservices provider, one that is as capable serving the high-end connectivity needs of enterprises as it is the basic communicationsrequirements of consumers. Saudi Telecom is investing ... Read More

  • Morocco Telecommunications Q2 2018

    ... our forecast to 2027. 3G and 4G connections will remain thegrowth drivers of the market with strong uptake that is cannibalising mobile and wireline broadband connections. With the lifting ofthe ban on VoIP services, the ... Read More

  • Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar Telecommunications Q2 2018

    ... competition will intensify as operators roll out 4G services, expand to ruralareas and see the market's fourth operator - Mytel- enter. However, the new operator's challenges include the slowing organicmobile subscriber growth, ongoing price competition ... Read More

  • Thailand Telecommunications Q2 2018

    ... slightly. We maintain that competition willcontinue to be strong as operators compete to migrate 2G subscribers to 3G and 4G, incurring higher costs from marketingexpenses and handset subsidies. The mobile market has grown largely in ... Read More

  • Brazil Telecommunications Q2 2018

    ... driven it to contraction in 2015-2017. Webelieve 2018 will moderate contraction, and the market will slowly return to growth in 2019 and after. Even with muted organicgrowth, migration to 4G LTE plans is driving growth ... Read More

  • Latin America Telecommunications Q2 2018

    ... in the region are in different stages ofdevelopment, and so regulators seek different goals and operators use different strategies. Economic and political risk cannegatively affect investment even in the more mature markets like Chile and ... Read More

  • Chile Telecommunications Q2 2018

    ... such as Telefonica and Entel have been aggressive in discounting inactiveprepaid SIMs on their network, posses downwards risk to our forecasts. Nonetheless, MVNOS and smaller players focused on low-cost subscribers will continue to foster a ... Read More

  • Denmark Telecommunications Q2 2018

    ... forecast up to 2027. High market saturation means there is littleorganic growth left in the market, which is why we see mobile growth gradually declining until the end of our forecast. Similarly tomany developed markets, ... Read More

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