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Account aggregation allows financial information users the ability to see details from many resources in one convenient location. As such, information from a number of accounts can be seen in one user-friendly interface and thus makes management of multiple accounts easier since users don’t have to flip between multiple sources. Since the world of finance and be overwhelming in general, account aggregation can give an average user an environment that will help alleviate the stress of having to access multiple accounts.

The technology driving these applications not only makes it convenient for users, but it also allows accounts to be updated by connecting with the financial institutions websites directly. In terms of account aggregation users typically have access to account balances and transactions that would be available if they were going directly to the source. From the investment perspective, account aggregation solutions help provide advisors with a global view of a clients portfolio – assets and liabilities – which helps them assist with investment questions and decisions. has the information users need to stay on top of what’s available as well information businesses need to stay competitive. Here you will find reports ranging from personal finance management to information on vendors offering account aggregation tools.
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Account Aggregation Industry Research & Market Reports

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