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  • Saudi Arabia Renewables Q4 2018

    ... delays to project commissioning will result in the Saudi government not reaching its targetof 9.5GW of renewables by 2023. Plans to increase gas power output and construct nuclear capacity will lessen the focus onrenewable investments. Read More

  • Poland Renewables Q4 2018

    ... due to stringent regulations. An upside risk to this outlook is the lower amount ofregulations facing offshore wind and smaller capacity projects. Wind and biomass power will be the dominant sources ofrenewables in the country. Read More

  • China Renewables Q4 2018

    ... will shift accordingly over the next decade. The share of non-hydro renewablesin total power generation will increase notably, from under 8% in 2017 to nearly 14% in 2027. Non-hydro renewablescapacity willtotal nearly 760GW by 2027. Read More

  • South Africa Renewables Q4 2018

    ... which renewable electricity is expanding, as well as the largepresence of coal-fired power, will mean that the contribution of renewables to the total power mix will remain below 10%. Thesigning of REIPPPP contracts earlier in ... Read More

  • Brazil Renewables Q4 2018

    ... energy generated in the country. Our forecasts for therenewables sector remain relatively conservative. While Brazil is well suited to the development of greater renewables capacity,there are some challenges facing the industry, including limited access to ... Read More

  • Argentina Renewables Q4 2018

    ... renewable energyindustry. Argentina's attractiveness in terms of power demand, natural resources and supportive policies - however - has to beweighed against heightened economic risks; the peso has depreciated heavily over the past few months despite ... Read More

  • Mexico Renewables Q4 2018

    ... strong support from the new government after the July 2018 elections, arange of financial incentives to attract private investors and the expansion of transmission and distribution infrastructure. Successfulpower auctions have bolstered the project pipeline and ... Read More

  • Netherlands Renewables Q4 2018

    ... a government focus on increasing offshore wind capacity. Investor interest will be boosted by a supportiveregulatory framework for renewable project developments. By 2027, renewables will account for just under 30% of total output inthe country. Read More

  • Global Renewable Energy Category - Procurement Market Intelligence Report

    ... sources. The use of renewable energy sources is on the rise globally since renewable sources can be used repeatedly and replaced naturally without getting depleted completely. Also, the growth of the global energy market can ... Read More

  • Canada Renewables Q4 2018

    ... in Canada this quarter. This policy uncertainty is likely to dent investor confidence in the market,particularly in Ontario, but potentially in other provinces in Canada where concerns over the cost of adopting renewable energy arerising. Read More

  • Italy Renewables Q4 2018

    ... and economic uncertaintyweighs on business opportunities in the market, but the planned introduction of new renewables incentives from 2019 createspotential for stronger growth in the industry across all segments and particularly in solar and wind. Read More

  • Spain Renewables Q4 2018

    ... of the forecastperiod. Growth will be supported by improving investor sentiment towards the sector, on the back of economic recovery, reducedcosts and favourable regulatory changes, in the form of the implementation of renewable energy auctions. Read More

  • Turkey Renewables Q4 2018

    ... amid the high levels of economic volatility. We remain positive on long-term growth prospectsin the market, as a weak lira will intensify the government resolve to diversify away from importing natural gas for power generation,ensuring ... Read More

  • Australia Renewables Q4 2018

    ... the federal level. We expect renewables capacity to increase by an annualaverage of 7.2% between 2018 and 2027. This will result in renewables generation accounting for nearly 16% of the country's totalelectricity mix by 2027. Read More

  • Iran Renewables Q4 2018

    ... deal in May and vowed to re-introduce sanctions.Hawkish comments by American officials indicate little wriggle room for European firms to continue engaging with Iran withoutcutting off access to the US market, and a decision by ... Read More

  • United Arab Emirates Renewables Q4 2018

    ... two to three year view, with predicted growth in generation of 47.9% in 2018 and 281.4%in 2019, taking output to 4.1TWh by the end of next year, compared to just 0.7TWh in 2017, as a ... Read More

  • Kenya Renewables Q4 2018

    ... of renewables output over our 10-year forecast period. This will result in the country's power sector benefiting from mostlynon-intermittent renewables contributions. A downside risk faced by investors are potential delays to connecting projects to thegrid. Read More

  • Uruguay Renewables Q4 2018

    ... That said, previous high growth in the sector, coupled with thesmall size of the power market, means that renewable energy will maintain its elevated role in the country's power mix, accountingfor 36% of the total. Read More

  • South Korea Renewables Q4 2018

    ... order to reduce South Korea's reliance on nuclearand coal power, will be a major supportive factor driving growth in the sector. Growing pressure facing the government’s energyagenda, in the face of security of supply concerns, ... Read More

  • Wind Power in the US - Industry Market Research Report

    ... this energy source more cost competitive with other electricity generation sources, with net generation from wind continuing to increase. Industry operators benefit from the federal production tax credit (PTC), a government incentive that pays producers ... Read More

  • Sweden Renewables Q4 2018

    ... 2019, to 30.70TWh and 32.38TWh respectively, while averagingannual growth of 3.8% across the full 10-year forecast horizon. Growth in the sector will remain largely driven by wind power - thissegment will account for 65.8% of ... Read More

  • United Kingdom Renewables Q4 2018

    ... forecasts for the UK. We forecast non-hydro renewablescapacity to total 56.5GW in 2027, an increase from an estimated 40.6GW in 2018. The offshore wind sector will continue to be thekey investment outperformer in the market. Read More

  • Austria Renewables Q4 2018

    ... a mature market where consumption is growing onlyslowly, there is little impetus for the development of new large-scale renewable capacity and the project pipeline is currently slim. Asa result we are forecasting relatively sedate growth ... Read More

  • Global Anemometer Market Research Report 2018

    ... the main regions (North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific) and the main countries (United States, Germany, united Kingdom, Japan, South Korea and China). The report firstly introduced the Anemometer basics: definitions, classifications, applications and market overview; ... Read More

  • 2018 Distributed Renewable Energy (Dre) Market: Africa And Asia

    ... trends, drivers, challenges, market share by revenue of business model, and market forecasts to 2024. M-KOPA SOLAR is the recipient of the Verified Market Leader Award for 2018. According to 2016 statistics, there were an ... Read More

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