Pharmaceuticals Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

The pharmaceutical industry is directly impacted by the research conducted with prescription drugs, vaccines, and OTC drugs being manufactured based on findings from the study of life sciences. Clinical trials are conducted to ensure that products being developed are tested on how well they work on individuals affected by the diseases or conditions they are created to treat. The market research available can provide investors and analysts credible information on the direction of pharmaceuticals, anesthesia, drug delivery, pricing, regulations and policy being developed to ensure that knowledgeable and informed decisions are made regarding industry direction.
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Pharmaceuticals Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Global E-Bikes with Covid-19 Market Impact Analysis

    ... for nearly half of all market gains during this period, despite registering subpar growth. Outside of China, demand for e-bikes is forecast to expand rapidly as these machines become more widely available; the number of ... Read More

  • Residential Roofing with Covid-19 Market Impact Analysis

    ... residential roofing demand will be supported by rising housing starts and continuing homeowner interest in repairing or replacing older or worn roofs. This report covers residential roofing demand by Product, Application, and Subregion, Data are ... Read More

  • Liquid-Applied Roof Coatings with Covid-19 Market Impact Analysis

    ... their ability to serve as a less costly alternative to full roof replacement projects. This report covers liquid-applied roof coatings demand by Product and Subregion, Data are given in dollar value and area (squares) terms. ... Read More

  • Commercial Roofing with Covid-19 Market Impact Analysis

    ... seen during the COVID-19 pandemic will restrain demand advances going forward. Demand will also be negatively affected by the elevated level of commercial reroofing activity experienced between the second half of 2016 and 2018 – ... Read More

  • Roofing with Covid-19 Market Impact Analysis

    ... roofing demand will be supported by an increase in housing starts and the efforts of building owners to repair or replace the nation’s large stock of structures with older or worn roofs. However, the high ... Read More

  • Agricultural Fencing with Covid-19 Market Impact Analysis

    ... edge up during this span, posting gains that are roughly in line with long term historical averages. The use of higher value plastic fencing materials as a replacement for wood and wire is expected to ... Read More

  • US Restaurant Reopening: COVID-19 Impact on Supplies

    ... has had a dramatic impact on the US foodservice industry in 2020. Sharp revenue and employment declines and widespread restaurant closures in the early part of the year have led to lingering revenue weakness and ... Read More

  • Low-Slope Roofing with Covid-19 Market Impact Analysis

    ... seen during the COVID-19 pandemic will restrain demand advances going forward. This report covers low-slope roofing demand by Product, Market, and Subregion, Data are given in dollar value and area (squares) terms. Low-slope roofing products ... Read More

  • Serbia Medical Devices Q4 2020

    ... short-term contraction in GDP caused by the Covid-19 pandemic andwill be exposed to economic headwinds in the mid term. Though the majority of medical devices are imported as localmanufacturers focus on disposables such as bandages ... Read More

  • Brazil Consumer Electronics Q4 2020

    ... demand for components and parts by the local assembly industry in H120reinforced our view that demand will continue to be depressed in H220. The core scenario is for device spending growth to resumein 2021 with ... Read More

  • Hungary Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... sector's lack of funding and preparedness, as wellas the comparatively slow pace of recovery of the broader economy. Despite this, the pharmaceutical retail landscape hasrebounded strongly indicating that supply chains remain largely intact and capable ... Read More

  • Latin America Power Q4 2020

    ... thermal power sectors will drive growth within the region,particularly in the wind, solar, and natural gas sub-sectors.That said, hydropower will remain the dominant generation source overthe decade, accounting for 42.7% of the region's generation mix ... Read More

  • Nicaragua Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... a steep decline over the course of 2020. Despite this, we continue to expectpharmaceutical and healthcare spending to increase throughout our forecast period as demand for them rise and amid signs thegovernment is working towards ... Read More

  • United Kingdom Infrastructure Q4 2020

    ... labour movement will undermine the positive outlook we held for growth in2020, although significant upside risk exists for the sector amid a government push to realise an uptick in public investment ininfrastructure and buildings. We ... Read More

  • Global Cancer Pain Market Research Report 2020-2024

    ... and COVID-19 epidemic, it will have a big influence on this market. Cancer Pain Report by Material, Application, and Geography – Global Forecast to 2023 is a professional and comprehensive research report on the world’s ... Read More

  • Argentina Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... in the healthcare sector and a growing prevalence of non-communicable diseases among the population. However, the government continues to face a constrained fiscal and politicalsituation, which has been intensified by the pandemic. The government has ... Read More

  • Mexico Renewables Q4 2020

    ... 2029. Supporting our positive outlook, we note alarge project pipeline from previous power auctions and private purchase power agreements, which will result in particularly highgrowth over the near term. That said, we continue to note ... Read More

  • Portugal Renewables Q4 2020

    ... become Portugal's largest power segment. We expect the impact of Covid-19 to be relatively short-lived,with the sector showing signs of recovery with investor confidence high in the latest power auctions. We see ongoing governmentsupport driving ... Read More

  • United States Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2020

    ... Trump is unlikely to get healthcare legislation through the House ofRepresentatives. If elected, Biden will bring in a raft of changes including expanding the ACA with the public option of Medicare andrepealing pharmaceutical exemption to ... Read More

  • China Medical Devices Q4 2020

    ... rise to CNY256.2bn (USD35.1bn) by 2024. The market will be supported by a faster-than-expectedrecovery for the Chinese economy. Although we had expected a rebound of the economy following a bottoming out in Q120, theextent of ... Read More

  • Denmark Medical Devices Q4 2020

    ... and ventilators), there will be reduced uptake ofmost other medical devices due to the pressure placed on healthcare resources by coronavirus and the accompanying decline ineconomic activity, particularly during H120. The rising healthcare needs of ... Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Medical Devices Q4 2020

    ... align their commercial practices with the economic diversification policy objectives ofthe government, most notably Vision 2030. The country will continue to escalate measures to contain the Covid-19 outbreak,which poses mixed risks for medical device suppliers. Read More

  • Slovakia Medical Devices Q4 2020

    ... in US dollar terms due to the appreciation of the euro.Economic slowdown among key trade partners will lead to a deceleration in medical device export growth, but will be mitigated bythe new coalition governments commitment ... Read More

  • South Africa Medical Devices Q4 2020

    ... health expenditure, the establishment of theSouth African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) and other recent regulatory developments will benefit the healthcaresector and increase medical device market access. Over the longer term, the market will benefit ... Read More

  • 2020 Grifols: US, Europe, Japan--Diagnostics Market Shares and Competitive Position by Product and Country--Performance, Capabilities, Goals and Strategies

    ... any other published source. The report includes diagnostics sales and market share estimates by product and country for Grifols and its main competitors, as well as a profile of the company’s diagnostics business. Contains 21 ... Read More

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