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The home center and hardware store industry comprises stores that sell a wide spectrum of home maintenance and repairs items such as electrical goods, hardware, and a variety of tools. Home centers and hardware stores also often sell structural material and different forms of lumber for any home repairs, renovations, or construction. Those involved in the home center and hardware store industry typically buy product from manufacturers and wholesalers, and then proceed to retail the goods to independent consumers as well as professional contractors.

Distributors in the home center and hardware store industry act as liaisons between the consumers and manufacturers. Companies purchase products in bulk from many different manufacturers, and then retail them in smaller quantities to consumers. In this way, consumers can purchase different items from different manufacturers. Products bought in bulk may consist of cables, connectors, bolts, networking materials, screws, or wiring devices.

There are an assortment of factors that drive demand and profits for this industry: home remodeling and repair, construction, hardware retailing, new home building, and telecommunications all require products retailed in this industry. Overall revenue depends on efficient management of a company’s inventory, as well as use of effective advertising strategies. Large companies have an advantage in that their distribution networks are expansive, and as such they can provide consumers with a wide selection of products and services. Smaller businesses prioritize providing specialty items, stocking products they know their consumers need, and providing excellent customer service. Individual operators rely on obtaining quality products at a lower cost, strategic merchandising, and competitive prices.

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Home Centers & Hardware Stores Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Home Improvement in the US

    ... require substantial repair, instead of purchasing new homes. This propelled home improvement retail value sales to record levels. However, the growth rate slowed slightly in 2017, as economic recovery encouraged homeowners to hire professional contractors ... Read More

  • Gardening in the US

    ... economy, which encouraged consumers to spend on such services. Long the principal drivers of DIY gardening sales, baby boomers are entering retirement and looking to pay for services they would previously have carried out themselves. ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in France

    ... period, primarily due to saturation and rising interest rates. Euromonitor International's Home Improvement in France report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of market demand at a national level. It provides the ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Spain

    ... their house. As a result, home improvement sales registered growth. Two other factors helped the positive performance of home improvement: the increasing interest of Spaniards in personalising their home through DIY projects and the expansion ... Read More

  • Homewares in France

    ... This was a notable turning point as homewares sales had been in decline over much of the review period, with price-savvy consumers favouring private label products for their day-to-day needs, in addition to a general ... Read More

  • Home and Garden in Hong Kong, China

    ... among consumers in Hong Kong because these can help relieve eye strain after long periods of work while only taking up a small space within the room. Meanwhile, for home furnishings, custom-made furniture and multifunctional ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in the United Kingdom

    ... not affect sales of home improvement. Only home paint sales recorded strong decline in 2017, mainly linked to higher unit prices, product defects affecting the Valspar brand, and a rising consumer preference for white paint, ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Turkey

    ... due to the depreciation of the Turkish lira. Over the forecast period it is expected that this trend will persist, with power tools continuing to record stronger gains than many other home improvement categories. This ... Read More

  • Home and Garden in Russia

    ... price sensitivity. Home furnishings recorded one of the steepest retail value declines, although growth in home improvement mitigated the overall decline. The need for renovations and improved living conditions remained relevant in 2017. Gardening is ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Singapore

    ... With some additional but affordable costs incurred, this has benefits on two fronts. First, consumers get to enjoy the available free time from their daily lives. Second, they do not possess the technical knowledge and ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Malaysia

    ... maintenance and repair of dwellings continued to grow in 2017 and will continue to do so over the forecast period. This will help home improvement continue to grow over the forecast period. Euromonitor International's Home ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Italy

    ... usability compared to corded items. Positive sales results were also experienced by most of the other products in home improvement. During the recession DIY was a necessity, even if many customers were not skilled enough. ... Read More

  • Gardening in Russia

    ... which is encouraging a shift to growing one’s own crops, which resulted in increasing sales of seeds, gardening hand tools, fertiliser and pest control products. With easy access to educational information on gardening, the crop-growing ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Russia

    ... and floor covering. Domestic decorative paint products are in demand for indoors, whereas imported products are popular for outdoor work, where buyers are ready to pay more for higher quality to withstand the changing weather ... Read More

  • Homewares in Turkey

    ... the vast majority of home and garden products have started to recover, homewares remained an exception and continued to record a sharp decline at the end of the review period. This was mainly due to ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in China

    ... tasks. Hectic lifestyles leave consumers with limited time and energy to handle DIY and home improvement tasks. As a result, hand and power tools and decorating sundries are normally purchased and used by third party ... Read More

  • Home and Garden in China

    ... residential needs drove consumers’ growing demand for home decoration and home furnishing products. Also, rapid urbanisation, along with consumption upgrading, prompted consumers to pursue high-quality lifestyles with premium homewares and gardening products. Euromonitor International's Home ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Ukraine

    ... positive impact on home improvement sales. This trend is set to strengthen as anticipated economic stabilisation in the country supports the housing market. Euromonitor International's Home Improvement in Ukraine report offers a comprehensive guide to ... Read More

  • Consumer Goods & Retailing: Global DIY and Gardening Retailers

    ... Including turnover data, outlet number outlets, employees figures, address details and management information. Annual figures officially published by the retailers themselves is included in turnover. 2 sources provide reliable data we use these to make ... Read More

  • Home and Garden in the United Arab Emirates

    ... slowdown in the region in general, but also in the United Arab Emirates in particular following the introduction of VAT and other new regulations. The negative macroeconomic conditions in the country hit the least essential ... Read More

  • Gardening in Germany

    ... also sought ways to benefit from the natural environment. Urban gardening has become one of the main trends in large cities thanks to consumers’ need to reconnect with nature as a result of ever busier, ... Read More

  • Lawn and Garden Hand Tools and Wheeled Implements in the US by Product at Manufacturer and Retail Level

    ... per year to $995 million in 2022. A continuing recovery in new housing construction and home sales, and rising interest in gardening will aid gains. Continued product innovations to improve ease of use, performance, and ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Germany

    ... create and fix things without the help of a professional became a lifestyle, regardless of age or gender. DIY magazines such as EMMA, which specifically target women, show that DIY is a topic which interests ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Japan

    ... reflecting the increase in the unit price of the multifunctional toilet set, including seat heater, water and air jet, and water-saving functions. According to a consumer behaviour survey conducted by the Cabinet Office in 2017, ... Read More

  • Homewares in India

    ... about the equipment they use. Although the trend towards eating out more often is increasing, Indians still cook at least one meal a day at home. With very busy and hectic lifestyles, people are prone ... Read More

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