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Training is generally the offering of courses, seminars and professional development designed to help individuals grow and boost their abilities within an organization. Due to the amount of time and resources companies spend on recruiting the best employees, they want to ensure their workforce has opportunities to expand their current position and boost their knowledge set.

Training can be offered in a variety of ways and different options make the ability to obtain the additional training more accessible to employees. To this extent training can be offered as an online option, an outside seminar and workplace offering. Types of training offered can also vary in scope and often include things such as leadership development, conflict resolution, skill development, communication and many others.

To ensure well rounded employees, professional development and training often incorporates both personal and career aspects as this allows individuals to integrate different types of training based on the given situation. Individuals not only need to improve their skill sets but they also need to properly engage those in the work place. As such, skills such as conflict resolution are just as important as topics such as project management.

Use to find the reports your business needs to stay on top of the training market. Here you can find information on reports that cover job training, career counseling and professional development .
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Training Industry Research & Market Reports

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