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Over 90% of U.S. adults prefer to treat their minor ailments themselves before seeking professional care. So, over-the-counter (OTC) drug products play an increasingly vital role in America's healthcare system. OTC drugs are nonprescription, defined as drugs that are safe and effective for use by the general public without seeking treatment by a health professional. Among these products are analgesics, digestive remedies, and dermatologicals.

The FDA reviews OTC drugs, primarily handled by the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research Office of Drug Evaluation IV. Because there are over 300,000 marketed OTC drug products, FDA reviews the active ingredients and the labeling of over 80 therapeutic classes of drugs, for example analgesics or antacids, instead of individual drug products.’s comprehensive market research and company reports on the OTC drug industry provide full coverage of OTC drugs, including the cough remedy, contraceptive and smoking cessation markets. Reports focus on consumer health trends and developments and include data on market segmentation, size and growth in the U.S., U.K., Europe, Asia, and global markets.

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Over-the-Counter Drugs Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Herbal/Traditional Products in Nigeria

    ... particularly herbal/traditional dietary supplements. Even products such as herbal/traditional topical analgesics that utilise store retailing are generally sold in traffic in key cities, similar to how a wide variety of less regulated herbal products are ... Read More

  • Israel Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2018

    ... by an impressive rise in start-up activity and innovative research breakthroughs. That said, the rightward shift of the government will continue to fuel an ongoing trend of polarisation within Israeli society, raising the prospect of ... Read More

  • Malaysia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2018

    ... and looking to mitigate the impact of the Goods and Service Tax on medicine prices. These themes will work to boost pharmaceutical demand, particularly when coupled with the country's growing population and increasing disease burden. Read More

  • Ecuador Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2018

    ... multinational drugmaker interest. A lack of spending power, weak patent laws and unfavourable demographic profile make for a challenging landscape for patented medicine launches. The rising demand for chronic disease treatment and gradual improvements to ... Read More

  • Indonesia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2018

    ... pharmaceutical firms, due to its vast growth potential that is based on economic development and substantial population numbers. However, the pending introduction of mandatory halal certification may reverse some of the benefits provided by the Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2018

    ... rising chronic disease burden and developments in the healthcare system will support market expansion and robust opportunities for multinational drugmakers. The emphasis on cost-containment, protectionist policies towards the local pharmaceutical industry, and lagging regulatory procedures ... Read More

  • Taiwan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q1 2018

    ... preference for patented drugs, a mature chronic disease profile and hospitals as key points of healthcare access. However, its absolute values are relatively modest and remain at risk from authorities' attempts to control healthcare expenditure. Read More

  • Cough, Cold and Allergy (Hay Fever) Remedies in Bosnia-Herzegovina

    ... an escalation of health issues among consumers including allergies and viral outbreaks, which boosted demand for cough, cold and allergy (hay fever) remedies in 2017. Experts claim that climate change is the reason for the ... Read More

  • Dermatologicals in Bosnia-Herzegovina

    ... is attracting the attention of manufacturers/wholesalers offering personal care products which are positioned as alternatives to dermatologicals. The dermatologicals most exposed to competition from personal care include medicated shampoos, hair loss treatments and antipruritics. Most ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in Bosnia-Herzegovina

    ... forecast period will likely come either from adding value into existing formats/brands or from developing immature categories with room for expansion of the consumer base. Ways to add value and increase average unit prices include ... Read More

  • Sleep Aids in Bosnia-Herzegovina

    ... are widely used in the country, and obtained without major difficulties even without a doctor’s prescription. Somewhat stricter control of Rx products retailing at the end of the review period led to increased demand for ... Read More

  • Herbal/Traditional Products in Bosnia-Herzegovina

    ... expected trend shift is the stricter legislative framework for the distribution of pharmaceuticals. Most herbal/traditional products are not registered as pharmaceuticals and most restrictive legislation does not apply, thus leaving manufacturers/wholesalers more room to be ... Read More

  • Analgesics in Bosnia-Herzegovina

    ... was also due to the declines in retail prices in 2016 and limited rises in 2017 due to the new regulatory measures. Recognising that demand is increasingly saturated, in search of new opportunities in pharmaceuticals, ... Read More

  • Consumer Health in Bosnia-Herzegovina

    ... end of the review period and in 2017 industry players were increasingly looking at identifying opportunities which could generate new growth going into the forecast period. At the same time, consumers were still becoming accustomed ... Read More

  • Herbal/Traditional Products in the Philippines

    ... continue to support herbal/traditional products, despite a lack of supporting research about their efficacy. Another reason is the growing inclination to “go natural”, which is a global trend, rather than just in the Philippines. Through ... Read More

  • Analgesics in Bolivia

    ... In addition, due to this, established companies limited price rises for their products. Counterfeit and contraband products were the main threat to the development of analgesics in 2017. Recognised brands are exposed to the possibility ... Read More

  • Cough, Cold and Allergy (Hay Fever) Remedies in Bolivia

    ... a consequence of the wider availability of brands trying to reach more consumers and due to the maturity of the category. In addition, the Bolivian government has strengthened its control to establish maximum prices within ... Read More

  • Dermatologicals in Bolivia

    ... Bolivia report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a national level. It provides the latest retail sales data 2012-2016, allowing you to identify the sectors driving growth. Forecasts ... Read More

  • Consumer Health in the Philippines

    ... which offered opportunities for consumer health categories to see healthy growth. Several companies took advantage of these trends, which saw a huge increase in store-based and internet retailing across the country, providing the means for ... Read More

  • Analgesics in the Philippines

    ... people, who are not only driving growth in consumer health, but in the overall Philippine economy. The young workforce tends to be driven in their careers, especially in the very competitive work environment, paving the ... Read More

  • Cough, Cold and Allergy (Hay Fever) Remedies in the Philippines

    ... industries is mostly characterised by shift work, overtime and daily commuting to polluted cities, causing stress to workers’ bodies. This increased the demand for cough, cold and allergy (hay fever) remedies, as consumers’ immune systems ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in the Philippines

    ... and services catering to the increasing consumer demand to spend on activities to destress or entertain them. Since Filipino consumers enjoy eating as a festive, celebratory and destressing activity, food companies took advantage of the ... Read More

  • Sleep Aids in the Philippines

    ... working environment has become increasingly detrimental to consumers’ daily sleeping routines. The increase in information technology (IT) and business process outsourcing (BPO) definitely helped the economy, individuals and families, due to the availability of abundant ... Read More

  • Consumer Health in Bolivia

    ... projected to continue over the forecast period. Consequently, consumer health in Bolivia saw slower growth in 2017 as consumers became more rational in their purchasing decisions, limiting themselves to indispensable products. Euromonitor International's Consumer Health ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in Bolivia

    ... category. In addition, the Bolivian government has strengthened its control over the maximum prices that can be charged in pharmacies and drugstores and, therefore, companies have had to limit their price rises. There were not ... Read More

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