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The television industry is comprised of establishments primarily concerned with the television as an electronic and technological device, and with the transmitting and receiving of signals through the use of a television set. Televisions are devices used for telecommunication, and the images they project have been black and white, monochromatic, or multicolored throughout history. The images displayed on a television are typically accompanied by audio. In modern times, innovations in television have led to flat-screen panels, high-definition TV, three-dimensional capabilities for television, and the emerging technology of interactive television. Televisions, and a variety of television subscriptions and programming, have become common in the home and in places of work. They are used not only for leisure time, but also for marketing strategies and information (such as news reports, weather, etc.).

Competition exists in this industry between television manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, and also between television programming companies. Demand in the television industry is dependent upon the continuation of new technological innovations, the necessity to upgrade or replace televisions, and (in the home) the personal income of the consumer. Larger corporations have advantages due to economies of scale in financial arenas as well as marketing. Small companies strive to provide excellent customer service and to offer televisions or related services that cater to the needs and wants of consumers. Individual companies prioritize the effective nature of their marketing strategies.

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Televisions Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Consumer Electronics & Appliances Stores

    ... the retail operations of Apple (all based in the US), as well as Dixons Carphone (UK), Fnac Darty (France), GOME (China, the CECONOMY-owned MediaMarkt and Saturn (Germany), and Yamada Denki (Japan). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE The competitive ... Read More

  • Czech Republic Consumer Electronics Q1 2021

    ... to rebound in 2021 when the deployment of a vaccine facilitates a recovery in consumersentiment and unlocks pent-up demand. For the remainder of the forecast period growth opportunities will be created by a robustpurchasing power ... Read More

  • Hungary Consumer Electronics Q1 2021

    ... of the public health crisis. We envisage above trend growth in 2021 as sentimentrecovers and pent-up demand is unlocked. Then for the remainder of the forecast period vendors will need to generate higher unitprices on ... Read More

  • Poland Consumer Electronics Q1 2021

    ... vendors will be able to capitalise on stronger consumer confidence and tap pent-up demand after deferred purchases during the acute phase of the public health crisis. The market will then settle on a slowertrajectory from ... Read More

  • Germany Consumer Electronics Q1 2021

    ... economic activity and consumer sentiment. We expectadditional momentum to be provided through higher unit prices due to euro appreciation against the dollar. Uncertainty persistsinto 2021 because of unknowns about the pandemic exit, such as the ... Read More

  • TV & Appliance Wholesaling in the US - Industry Market Research Report

    ... products to home building, activity in downstream retail and residential construction markets drive revenue. Over the five years to 2019, as disposable and median household income increased, consumers invested more into home building and renovation ... Read More

  • Taiwan Consumer Electronics Q1 2021

    ... core scenario rests on the assumption that a Covid-19 vaccine isdeployed in 2021 that dramatically reduces uncertainty, leading to a global upturn in consumption and investment. However, risksare skewed to the downside because of a ... Read More

  • United Kingdom Consumer Electronics Q1 2021

    ... pent-up demand in 2021, and there will be broad support for unit prices becauseof sterling appreciation that will increase local currency affordability. There is uncertainty surrounding the economic and societal exitfrom the pandemic under this ... Read More

  • Consumer Electronics in Chile

    ... the future, were situations that, to a major extent, were already present in the country in the final quarter of 2019, when peaceful, but also violent, protests erupted in the country, resulting in discussions about ... Read More

  • Home Video in Singapore

    ... 2019. While consumers spent more time in their homes during the circuit breaker period and were keen to invest in improving their home entertainment, sales of home video did not benefit strongly as many have ... Read More

  • Consumer Electronics in Singapore

    ... comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the in-home, portable and in-car consumer electronics products markets at a national level. It provides the latest retail sales data, allowing you to identify the sectors driving ... Read More

  • Home Video in Chile

    ... in the home video category in 2020. Following a difficult final quarter of 2019, when retail sales had been heavily impacted by the closure of stores and looting during the social unrest that was affecting ... Read More

  • Italy Consumer Electronics Q1 2021

    ... based on the deployment of a vaccine that boosts consumer sentiment and economicactivity, alongside euro appreciation that increases local currency affordability. This will allow vendors to tap into strong producttrends, including pent-up demand for TV ... Read More

  • Consumer Electronics in Morocco

    ... on consumer spending power: more than 700,000 people lost their jobs in Morocco as of March 2020, forcing consumers to channel their spending into essential areas. This led to only a very limited number of ... Read More

  • Consumer Electronics in Austria

    ... infection rates. As a result of businesses closing and industries halting, the unemployment rate rose rapidly between March and April. Retailers deemed non-essential, including electronics and appliance specialist retailers, closed their doors, and there were ... Read More

  • Netherlands Consumer Electronics Q1 2021

    ... vendors can tap pent-up demand, and there will be a boostto unit prices from euro appreciation against the US dollar. The level of uncertainty continues to be high, and risks are skewed to thedownside. The ... Read More

  • Home Video in Austria

    ... TVs have decreased severely. In terms of TV viewing time, Austrian consumers compare with most neighbouring Western European countries. Nevertheless, during special events such as the Winter Olympics or the FIFA World Cup, rates tend ... Read More

  • Consumer Electronics in Hungary

    ... discretionary purchases, however others were more resilient. Demand for computers and peripherals started to grow strongly in March, with an increasing number of people working and studying remotely; however, this short-term boost is not expected ... Read More

  • Consumer Electronics in South Korea

    ... are a reduction in offline marketing promotions and disruption of overseas supply chains, particularly due to the closure of Chinese factories, negatively impacting the market. However, having a more positive impact have been increasing working ... Read More

  • Consumer Electronics in Vietnam

    Read More

  • Home Video in Hungary

    ... upgraded and bought additional televisions, with more time being spent at home. Euromonitor International's Home Video in Hungary report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the in-home, portable and in-car consumer ... Read More

  • Consumer Electronics in Mexico

    ... such as computers, home audio and cinema and televisions, as well as the continued strong (although slower) growth of wireless speakers and wearable electronics. The lockdown implemented in the country in the first half of ... Read More

  • Home Video in Mexico

    ... to job losses and pay cuts, which is making some consumers reluctant to purchase expensive new products such as televisions and video players. However, on the other hand some consumers who have the money are ... Read More

  • Home Video in Poland

    ... retail volume growth. The high quality of the picture offered at relatively affordable prices appeals to consumers. QLED technology is a good example of the trade-off between price and quality – many consumers looking for ... Read More

  • Consumer Electronics in Poland

    ... spiral. Consumers were naturally affected by this, with a rising unemployment rate as well as salaries being cut to help companies fight consequences of COVID-19 and the measures implemented to contain its spread. With the ... Read More

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