Egg Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Dating back to prehistoric times eggs have been widely used and consumed. The dried egg industry (one of the two primary types of eggs we see today, along with frozen eggs) developed in the late 19th century when a company in St. Louis, Missouri began to transform both egg yolks and whites in to a light brown substance that could and ultimately would be used as a meal. This substance was created by a drying process. Several years later in 1911, the egg carton was developed by a Canadian named Joseph Coyle, a product still in use today. The types of eggs used and consumed vary as do the types of preparations used. While a modern dietary staple, the egg and the egg industry are not without controversy. From health concerns ranging from Type 2 diabetes and Cardiovascular risk to the ethical treatment of the animals producing the eggs, the implications of various egg industry issues are far reaching. For information on this multi-billion dollar international industry and its various component parts please view our market research reports and industry analysis below.
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Egg Industry Research & Market Reports

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