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Since the dawn of civilization humans have been travelers. Early on travel was a means of survival, but today, travel is more means to business or recreational activities.

Global political and economic events in the 21st century, including the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the Great Recession of 2008, have greatly affected the travel and leisure industry. Those major global events, and ongoing regional and local challenges, have made it difficult for the tourism industry to maintain growth.

But recent data indicate that the industry’s fortunes may have started to recover. For example, a study published by industry event organizer World Travel Mart reported that, in 2012 for the first time, more than 1 billion global trips were made. The airline industry group IATA said airline revenues would increase from $7.4 billion in 2012 to $11.7 billion in 2013, rising to $16.4 billion in 2014.

And, the tourism industry itself is undergoing rapid change. Social media has given a new, free forum for travelers to comment on all aspects of the travel experience, while alternatives to traditional lodging and transportation (such as AirBnB and Uber) offer travelers new options for their traveling experience, while challenging traditional operators.’s collection of market research studies on the tourism industry will help you stay competitive and grow in this rebounding and evolving market. We offer nearly 30,000 studies on subjects ranging from modes of transportation and lodging to travel accessories and forms of entertainment. Also available are a complete collection of country-specific tourism reports.

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Travel & Leisure Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Foodservice Single-Use Products

    ... report covers foodservice single-use product demand by product, material, and market. Data are given in dollar value and volume. Products covered in the study include: Containers Cups, Lids, and Sleeves Flexible Foodservice Packaging Foodservice Serviceware ... Read More

  • Global Online Movie Ticketing Service Market 2020-2024

    ... of 7% during the forecast period. Our reports on global online movie ticketing service market provides a holistic analysis, market size and forecast, trends, growth drivers, and challenges, as well as vendor analysis covering around ... Read More

  • Oracle Hospitality Connect — Connecting Guest Experiences with a Focus on Service, Innovation, and Integrated Cloud Suites

    ... in San Diego. The event brought together hospitality technology buyers and industry leaders to review the latest innovations in hospitality business and technology and offered a broad spectrum of discussion topics including high-level presentations on ... Read More

  • Glamping Market in Europe - Industry Outlook and Forecast 2020-2025

    ... are likely to contribute to the growth of the glamping market in Europe during the forecast period: Direct Digital Print on Rigid Containers Weather-independence Drives Demand Increasingly Common Passive Holidays Advances in Off-Grid Technology Development ... Read More

  • Stage Lighting Market - Global Outlook and Forecast 2020-2025

    ... contribute to the growth of the global stage lighting market during the forecast period: Expansion of Live Performance and Music Industry Increasing Number of Exhibitions, Conferences, and Seminars Growing Demand for Technically Advanced Products Increasing ... Read More

  • Thailand Tourism Q2 2020

    ... low-cost flight networks, risingdisposable incomes in established and emerging source markets and Thailand’s strong tourism reputation, which has a broad mass-market appeal. Furthermore, we also expect strong government promotional efforts to remain pronounced, along with ... Read More

  • Botswana Tourism Q2 2020

    ... growth. However, low levels of development and infrastructure within thetourism market provide a hindrance to growth. We believe that increasing high-income visitors from European source markets andgenerous investment in infrastructure projects are prerequisites for the ... Read More

  • Cote d'Ivoire Tourism Q2 2020

    ... and other security-related concerns. Thegovernment is hard at work to strengthen the tourism industry through its strategy Sublime Côte d’Ivoire and numerous otherinitiatives, but unless the unstable political and security environment is addressed, the tourism ... Read More

  • India Tourism Q2 2020

    ... downside risks remain. Security issuesremain prevalent, the economy continues to take strain, and official reports of the coronavirus in India has heightened the level ofhealth risk for tourists visiting India. The Asia region's susceptibility to ... Read More

  • Mauritius Tourism Q2 2020

    ... world’s premier ultra-luxury tourism destination with a strongaccommodations portfolio. Underlying factors supporting our outlook include: growth in international flight networks; risingincomes in emerging Asia Pacific, and Middle East and North Africa source markets; and aggressive ... Read More

  • Philippines Tourism Q2 2020

    ... bullish forecast include risingdemand for air travel in established and emerging APAC economies, the farming of new source markets, expansion of low-costairline routes, and a steady stream of infrastructure investments. The government is highly supportive ... Read More

  • Uganda Tourism Q2 2020

    ... a considerable range of attractions and alreadydraws in visitors from both regional and key global source markets including the United Kingdom and the United States. The hotelsector has attracted investment and there are now a ... Read More

  • Global In-flight Catering Services Market 2020-2024

    ... forecast period. Our reports on global in-flight catering services provides a holistic analysis, market size and forecast, trends, growth drivers, and challenges, as well as vendor analysis covering around 25 vendors. The report offers an ... Read More

  • Luxury Hotels in India

    ... growing tendency for consumers to take short local breaks or staycations because of hectic lifestyles and limited leisure time. Furthermore, Indian consumers, particularly younger ones, are increasingly choosing to focus their spending power on experiences ... Read More

  • Oman Tourism Q2 2020

    ... envisaged over the medium-term horizon to 2024. Industry growthmomentum will be bolstered by a capital-intensive accommodations development pipeline, the headline economic diversificationagenda to expand the service sector and investments in national transportation networks. Furthermore, the ... Read More

  • South Korea Tourism Q2 2020

    ... receipts. The hotel and restaurants industry is also expanding owing toincreased investments from both domestic and international players. While a diplomatic dispute with Japan has dented outboundtravel, domestic travel could see some positive spillovers as ... Read More

  • Luxury Hotels in Australia

    ... to reduce energy, water and food wastage, for example, while Marriott Australia & NZ has eliminated single-use plastic bottles for toiletries from all of its outlets. Similarly, in its 2018 sustainability report, leading luxury hotels ... Read More

  • Luxury Hotels in South Africa

    ... high-income earners and the wealthy. The weaker rand, on the other hand, is making travel to South Africa more appealing. The local currency is depreciating against the value of others in the region. Even though ... Read More

  • United Arab Emirates Tourism Q2 2020

    ... broad government support, rising incomes in key emerging markets and arobust, capital-intensive construction pipeline boasting new hotels, infrastructure, theme parks and retail spaces. In addition toholiday tourism, the growth in the various economic non-hydrocarbon verticals ... Read More

  • Luxury Hotels in Taiwan

    ... hotels continues to grow. Hyatt remains stable and profitable, while Hanshe launched its Nanjing Songjiang Boutique Hotel towards the end of 2019. Dynamic growth within luxury hotels is also being boosted by the fact that ... Read More

  • Chile Tourism Q2 2020

    ... downturn of 5.7% in 2020, but grow steadily between 2021 and 2024, risingby an average of 4.5% a year. This underlines the attractive fundamentals of Chile's varied geography, high standards ofaccommodation and improving transport links. Read More

  • Japan Tourism Q2 2020

    ... in 2025 will lead to increased interest in developing tourism infrastructure,providing support to the industry as a whole. Government initiatives to highlight lesser-known destinations to a wider pool of foreigntourists could also mitigate the rising ... Read More

  • Luxury Hotels in Singapore

    ... hotel use, conversion of commercial sites, and the development of greenfield sites. One notable trend driving the increase in sales of luxury hotels is the trend towards investments by tourist in “experiences”, hotel organised activities ... Read More

  • Luxury Hotels in the US

    ... more often, but also to increasingly choose luxury hotels when they do. Demanding authentic and immersive experiences, consumers are seeking out hotels that best reflect their travel destination, through characteristics including interior décor and dining ... Read More

  • New Zealand Tourism Q2 2020

    ... compared to more dynamic markets in the region. The country offers arange of attractions and the market has benefited from an uptick in investment in the hotel market resulting in a number of newbrands establishing ... Read More

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