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Labor is a term which covers the general workforce – temporary, part time and full time employees. Labor also refers to work of any kind. As a general term, labor can refer to a number of aspects within the human resource function ranging from OSHA compliance (keeping laborers safe) to labor unions and organizations and their role within the workforce. Given the economy of the past few years, companies and individuals want to understand what the labor market looks like now and where it’s heading.

Individuals often hear of the employment report that comes out each month and they use this as a way to understand the economy and the jobs market. This serves as a tool to understand the overall workforce or labor market in regard to trends such as increases or declines in available jobs. The labor market also takes demographics into consideration by looking ahead at which groups are most likely to need certain services – as in the example of aging baby boomers and how this large population will impact areas such as healthcare. has the reports you need to understand the ever changing labor market. From understanding job security to knowing what the future looks like from a variety of perspectives, here you will find the information you need. This research will give you an understanding of what’s happening in the many regions around the globe.
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Labor Industry Research & Market Reports

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