Nuclear Power Market Research Reports

One nuclear power plant has the potential to generate a significant amount of electricity and to require costly components; because of this, the markets sometimes have drastic fluctuations from year to year. For perspective, there are about 120 nuclear reactors operating around the world; individual reactor components can cost millions of dollars. One or two plants under construction, being decommissioned or generating electricity may have a significant impact on the nuclear energy technology (NET) market value or market capacity – especially within market segments.

As the world’s nations seek to strengthen their energy security, they are looking outside the realm of fossil fuels to help secure their power needs. Nuclear-powered plants offer added energy security as they do not rely on fossil fuels for power production (although most reactors do rely on fossil fuel use for uranium production) Naturally occurring uranium is abundant, while each ton has a large yield. It is also relatively easy and inexpensive to store one or two year’s worth of nuclear fuel.

Nuclear energy is a viable fossil fuel alternative – especially as it is readily available on a large scale and produces a continuous and reliable supply of electricity. Compared to traditional fossil fuel plants, nuclear power plants emit a very minimal amount of greenhouse gases.

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Nuclear Power Industry Research & Market Reports

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