Do-It-Yourself Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis’s collection of market research studies on the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) consumer goods and retailing industry will help you stay competitive and grow in this healthy market. We offer a full array of studies on subjects ranging from retail home improvement and supplies to specific segments, including gardening, craft projects and more. We also have a full library of country-specific studies for home improvement and DIY. The DIY craze has contributed to a spike of new networks and websites (DIYNetwork, Pinterest, and is creating new business for hardware goods and craft stores. DIY has also increased home improvement retail sales as more families in developed countries are working on their own projects at home. Crafting and gardening are also becoming more popular as indoor and outdoor projects for the yard and in the home become more common. As more people spread the word through social media about the ease of completing new DIY crafts and projects, more people will take part in this market.
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Do-It-Yourself Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Home Improvement Consumer Insights 2022

    ... is doing the work does change. More time spent at home and a shift in both working and recreational habits have had particularly strong effects on home improvement activity in the pandemic era. The differences ... Read More

  • 2022 Rental and Leasing of General Homeowner Tools and Do-It-Yourself Equipment Global Market Size & Growth Report with COVID-19 Impact

    ... Market Size & Growth Report covers market size, revenue, growth, and share across 4 global regions, 22 subregions, and 216 countries. Figures are from 2012 through 2021, with forecasts for 2022 and 2026. The historical ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Poland

    ... consumers invested their savings into property, often with the aim of renting them out. This coupled with the large number of new flats being built created increased demand for a wide range of home improvement ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Romania

    ... or because restrictions on entertainment and socialisation have made the home more central to social lives. This has made more of them invest in redecorating or renovating this space. In addition, because they are spending ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Sweden

    ... in the year, as some restrictions remained in place. A major factor supporting 2021’s further growth was the desire to renovate one’s home. The trend to renovate houses in Sweden exploded in 2020 as a ... Read More

  • Home Improvement Stores - 2022 U.S. Market Research Report with Updated COVID-19 Forecasts

    ... sector in the United States with over 100 data sets covering 2012-2026. This Kentley Insights report includes historical and forecasted market size, ecommerce, product lines, inventory turns, gross margin, profitability, financial ratios, BCG matrix, statistics ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Hong Kong, China

    ... the pandemic, leading to double-digit value growth in 2021. Home improvement and gardening stores also benefited from soaring demand for their products during the pandemic as consumers who were confined to their homes decided to ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in India

    ... to hygiene has increased drastically, as Indians attempted to avoid touching surfaces too frequently and thereby were increasingly attracted to products that claim to offer hygienic solutions. Additionally, with consumers spending prolonged time at home, ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Turkey

    ... at home has simply meant more focus on the domestic environment, and people are investing in improvements. In addition, the extra time created by restrictions on travel and socialising has meant that consumers have had ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Mexico

    ... the SARS-CoV-2 virus forced consumers to work from home and limited their social and leisure opportunities outside the home. Home seclusion encouraged consumers to spend more money on home renovations to make the long periods ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Spain

    ... weakest performance within home and garden in growth terms in 2020, as the category’s retail constant value sales stagnated. The pandemic resulted in various restrictions, including a halt to moving home, construction and planned renovations; ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Malaysia

    ... severe economic impact of these restrictions, which led to job losses, pay cuts, and high levels of uncertainty, also deterred consumers from investing in renovations, redecoration, and moving home. In fact, the pandemic created major ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Argentina

    ... decline. However, decline in 2020 and 201 is less steep than in 2019. The pandemic has seen housebound consumers look to invest in their domestic spaces with home repairs and remodelling, although restrictions on social ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in the Philippines

    ... below the levels seen immediately prior to the pandemic following a steep fall in 2020 when the downturn in property development and lockdown restrictions disrupted home renovation projects. Lockdown measures also hindered footfall in standalone ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Thailand

    ... consumers remained reluctant to have workers in their home due to the perceived risk of contracting the virus. The temporary closure of retail outlets also played a role, as did the economic shock of the ... Read More

  • Consumer Goods & Retailing: Global DIY and Gardening Retailers

    ... Including turnover data, outlet number outlets, employees figures, address details and management information. Annual figures officially published by the retailers themselves is included in turnover. 2 sources provide reliable data we use these to make ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in the Netherlands

    ... gradual easing of some restrictions in 2021 during spring, summer and autumn meant that local consumers spent greater time outdoors engaging in other activities such as visiting cultural attractions, eating out and taking holidays. Furthermore, ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in France

    ... restricting major renovation works due to financial concerns, many customers instead invested their time and energy into tackling small DIY projects that they may have previously postponed. Limited travel options during the pandemic are likely ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in South Africa

    ... tasks, as they had more spare time. As COVID-19 infections continued to increase in 2021, many South Africans continued to spend time at home, and consequently, they became more aware of areas that needed improving. ... Read More

  • Home Security Systems Market by Home Type (Independent Homes, Apartments), Security (Professionally Installed & Monitored, Do-It-Yourself), Systems (Access Control Systems), Services (Security System Integration Services), Region (2022-2027)

    ... is expected to grow from USD 56.9 Billion in 2022 to USD 84.4 Billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 8.2% during the forecast period.The growth of the home security systems market is driven by ... Read More

  • Home and Garden Specialist Retailers in Germany

    ... sales of various products were brought forward, this also meant a subsequent slump in 2021. Inevitably, sales through home and garden specialist retailers declined in 2021, to settle at a level below that of 2019. ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Indonesia

    ... houses or apartment units starting from March 2021 was borne by the government, resulting in the lower price of housing paid by consumers. This regulation helped to boost the value growth of home improvement in ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Singapore

    ... as consumers saved their money. As such, Singaporeans focused primarily on essential purchases for much of 2020, postponing or reducing non-essential costs such as larger home improvement projects. However, in 2021, in line with high ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in the United Kingdom

    ... more on home improvement than the average household in the year of the move. Therefore, this increase in property transactions helped to drive the double-digit current value growth recorded by home improvement in the UK ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Italy

    ... of home and garden products. As the threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19) remained constant in 2021, consumers continued to value one-stop shop formats, in order to limit the number of store trips and minimise the risk ... Read More

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