Medical Imaging Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Medical Imaging, or in vivo diagnostics, technologies that allow clinicians to see the human body for normal biologic processes or pathological indications. Imaging is a key part of medicine and most diagnoses in medicine occur after an imaging procedure. Technologies that are including in imaging are x-ray, magnetic resonance imaging ( MRI ), and ultrasound. But newer technologies are the focus of the imaging industry and thus the subject of many market reports .

Digital x ray, computed tomography, positive electron tomography, nuclear imaging (SPECT) or “gamma camera” and combination technologies such as PET/CT where a PET scan is overlayed with a computed tomography image, are among the technologies considered in this section. More serious conditions will require a greater amount of imaging procedures. This is a market where reimbursement is an important factor – and the fortunes of companies in imaging will be tied to a degree to the amount of procedures allowed by the healthcare funding systems in the nations of the world

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Medical Imaging Industry Research & Market Reports

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