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  • Asian Directory of Medical Devices & Diagnostics Companies 2019

    Asian Directory of Medical Devices & Diagnostics Companies 2019 The most comprehensive and accurate Directory of Asian companies and executives in the medical devices and diagnostics industry Read More

  • European Handbook of Medical Devices Regulatory Affairs 2019

    European Handbook of Medical Devices Regulatory Affairs 2019 An excellent reference for understanding what is required to bring medical devices to market under the many different regulatory systems Read More

  • Global Handbook of Medical Devices Regulatory Affairs 2019

    Global Handbook of Medical Devices Regulatory Affairs 2019 An excellent reference for understanding what is required to bring medical devices to market under the many different regulatory systems Read More

  • Morocco Medical Devices Q1 2019

    ... over our forecast period both in local currency and US dollar terms, together with the expansionof universal health insurance coverage, external funding and increasing investment in healthcare infrastructure. However, themarket will remain heavily import dependent. Read More

  • Slovenia Medical Devices Q1 2019

    ... will benefit from the economy remaining in relatively good shapeover the forecast period. Slovenia is heavily reliant on imported medical devices as domestic production is characterised by small,specialised manufacturers, many of which engage in exports, ... Read More

  • Bangladesh Medical Devices Q1 2019

    ... in the world over the2017-2022 period. Strong GDP growth and the demand for imported goods will continue to drive growth. The under-developedmarket will remain import reliant as domestic production of medical equipment is very limited. Read More

  • Canada Medical Devices Q1 2019

    ... and well established medical device market which ranks eighth in the world in terms of value.The market will register moderate growth over the forecast period, which reflects high economy activity that will slow from 2018onwards. Read More

  • Israel Medical Devices Q1 2019

    ... a very dynamic market in terms of medical device start-ups.Domestic industry strengths include diagnostic imaging and dental instruments. With increased investment in areas such as dentalproducts, the market will see steady growth from 2019 onwards. Read More

  • Lebanon Medical Devices Q1 2019

    ... increasing incidence of chronic diseases, medical tourism, the predominance ofprivate healthcare providers, import reliance, stronger market regulation and new global partnerships. However, ongoing politicalinstability and limited funds to cover Syrian refugees will contain market growth. Read More

  • Portugal Medical Devices Q1 2019

    ... will be moderate, with low prices and lower volume purchases, containedby long-term economic weaknesses. Small and medium-sized companies have to deal with large debts owed by public hospitals,despite increased investment intended to reduce this problem. Read More

  • Argentina Medical Devices Q1 2019

    ... extremely high interest rates on consumptionand investment. Market fundamentals remain, including a large population with a sizeable elderly group, the incidence of chronicdiseases, a well-developed healthcare system, the implementation of universal health coverage, a backlog ... Read More

  • Germany Medical Devices Q1 2019

    ... economy and a commitment to maintain ahigh quality healthcare service. However, sustained downward pressure on prices, particularly from co-operative purchasing andtenders, as well as reduced reimbursement rates and increased regulatory compliance, will continue to hit ... Read More

  • Indonesia Medical Devices Q1 2019

    ... will benefit from moderate economic growth in 2019, as well as incentivesfor investing in the medical device industry and the improving regulatory environment. However, the market will remain heavilyimport dependent due to limited domestic production ... Read More

  • Vietnam Medical Devices Q1 2019

    ... register high growth over the 2017-2022 period. The market will remain oneof the strongest performers in the Asia Pacific region, with Vietnam growing as a manufacturing location for medical devicecompanies and exports posting consistent growth. Read More

  • CountryFocus: Healthcare, Regulatory and Reimbursement Landscape - UK

    ... information and analysis on the healthcare, regulatory and reimbursement landscape in the UK. It identifies the key trends in the healthcare market and provides insights into the demographic, regulatory, reimbursement landscape and healthcare infrastructure of ... Read More

  • Czech Republic Medical Devices Q1 2019

    ... of expansion to remain healthy across to 2022, supported by rapidly rising wages,very low unemployment and subdued inflation. Increasing consumer demand for convenience as well as focus on health andwellness will be overarching trends shaping ... Read More

  • Peru Medical Devices Q1 2019

    ... hospitals and health centres, will underpin substantial medical device market growth in Peruover the coming years. Lima will remain the most attractive area, as the urban population has more disposable income to spend onmedical devices. Read More

  • Oman Medical Devices Q1 2019

    ... exports, while rising oil prices support greater government spending.Modernisation of hospitals and other key health sector development projects will drive market growth. Imports will continue todominate over the long term as domestic manufacturing capabilities lag. Read More

  • Spain Medical Devices Q1 2019

    ... As the fifthlargest market in Western Europe, it will remain attractive to medical device companies, which will benefit from the ageingpopulation, the prevalence of chronic diseases, technological renovation and digital transformation. Competition will remain strong. Read More

  • Sweden Medical Devices Q1 2019

    ... proportionally is one of the largest in theworld, the rising incidence of chronic disease and the desire to remain at the forefront of technological innovation, will be the maingrowth drivers in the market, while the ... Read More

  • Thailand Medical Devices Q1 2019

    ... for the country's real GDP growth over the coming years, a growing privatesector and a still-booming medical tourism sector. However, the political uncertainty caused by likely delays to the elections willhave a negative impact on ... Read More

  • Belgium Medical Devices Q1 2019

    ... which will restrict increases in health expenditure.The rising health needs of the expanding elderly population and the drive to improve the care of patients with chronic conditionswill be the main growth drivers in the market. Read More

  • Hungary Medical Devices Q1 2019

    ... local currency appreciation. Hungary will remain heavily reliant on importedmedical devices despite a growing domestic industry. Healthy economic growth over the coming quarters, the comprehensivepublic hospital sector and the expanding private sector will drive demand ... Read More

  • Netherlands Medical Devices Q1 2019

    ... the healthcare needs of the expanding elderly population, which will be aprimary driver in the market. However, cost containment in the health sector, which will continue under the newly appointedadministration, will be a restraining factor. ... Read More

  • Global Refurbished Medical Devices Market 2019-2023

    ... due to the inability of governments to invest efficiently in the healthcare sector and due to high demand for innovation and technology for superior healthcare services. For instance, in February 2018, Saudi Arabia launched the ... Read More

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