Meat & Poultry Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

The meat and poultry industry primarily includes fresh cuts of beef, pork, chicken, and turkey, along with products such as bacon, sausage, hot dogs/frankfurters, and cold cuts of all types.

The importance of meat departments for stores’ revenue and differentiation is a key reason why supermarkets are emphasizing private-label meats. Not only do private-label meats allow stores to capture more revenue, if the private-label offerings are associated with quality and value, they can draw in customers to shop in other parts of the store.

Recently, meat prices in the U.S. have been on the rise due to factors including weather, international economic and political tensions, and growing global demand. Marketers increasingly look to branding as a way to create a competitive advantage in what for a long time had been a commodity market. Organic and natural products are increasingly in demand, and those who can afford to pay more are showing a willingness to do so for what are perceived as better-for-you products. Looking ahead, it will be increasingly important for marketers to offer meat from sustainable sources.’s reports offer all the pertinent insights your company needs to compete in the grind that is today’s meat market. Provided in our reports are analysis of the trends guiding the meat/poultry market, in addition to a breakdown of consumer purchase patterns and product introductions designed to appease consumer demand for healthier meat products and those sourced from animals not raised on genetically modified feed. Also included are past and projected sales data.

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Meat & Poultry Industry Research & Market Reports

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