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Hospitals, private medical practices and patient recognize the advantage of using disposable medical supplies rather than reusable products. For many years, hospitals, private medical practices and clinics have used certain disposable supplies such as gloves, bandages and gauze. However, in the modern health care setting, a wide array of products that were mainly reusable, are being produced and sold as disposable medical supplies. Some examples of disposable medical supplies include syringes, speculums and exam gowns. The disposable medical supply market has grown significantly due to the convenience and safety of these products.

Due to the number of sick patients, the hospital setting fosters an ideal environment for the spread of infection. Nosocomial or hospital-acquired infections are of serious concern. If reusable supplies or equipment, such as facemasks or spirometers, are used to treat sick patients, germs or viruses can be carried on those supplies and transmitted to other patients. Immunocompromised patients are especially vulnerable to acquiring new infections and may suffer serious consequences as a result. Single use disposables are one measure proven to reduce nosocomial infections.

As hospitals are often overcrowded and understaffed, workers such as doctors, nurses and emergency technicians are often in a rush to care for all of their patients. Having disposable equipment available can save time and effort over cleaning and disinfecting reusable supplies.

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Disposables Industry Research & Market Reports

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