Luxury Goods Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Luxury goods are products at the highest end of the market in terms of quality and price. Including but not limited to industries such as automobiles, jewelry and watches, clothing and accessory apparel, cosmetics, wines and spirits, fragrances, and travel goods have been on an upward market-value climb for many years.

Luxury goods can be purchased in shopping malls, department stores, auctions, and online stores. Bargain hunters may find adequate products in outlet malls and shopping centers. Currently, 10% of worldwide luxury purchases are through online sales; it is estimated by 2019 more than half of all luxury goods purchases will be made online. The increase of online transactions will dramatically change how luxury goods are marketed and distributed. offers a professional collection of market research studies on the luxury goods market in the consumer goods and retailing industry. Stay competitive and grow in the healthy luxury good market. offers a full library of country-specific studies for luxury goods companies and products.

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Luxury Goods Industry Research & Market Reports

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