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Mortgage Loans refer to loans secured by real property by a promissory note to repay a specified sum (plus interest) over a pre-determined length of time. The mortgage uses the property to secure the loan, and obligates the borrower to pay the lender the amount or face forfeiture of the property.

Mortgage Loans and Real Estate Financing was at the center of the global economic meltdown that took place in the mid to late 2000’s. Long regarded as a safe investment, high risk mortgages were bundled together into financial vehicles known as derivatives and sold on secondary markets by investment banks, causing a far greater exposure to risk than had previously been allowed.

The Mortgage and Finance Industry is a highly complex business sector, with numerous governmental organizations offering oversight at both the local and national levels. Different jurisdictions (and mortgage lenders) have different requirements for customers, offering products such as fixed rate, adjustable, sub prime, interest only, and reverse mortgages to the appropriate clients.

With the new demands being placed on the Mortgage Industry, greater attention being paid to the foreclosure practices being used by large banks and other financial institutions, and public demand for the roll back of mortgage underwriters, there is little public consensus as to where this industry is headed, which is why it is more important than ever to be well-informed on this topic. offers a wide variety of reports covering the Mortgage and Financing Category, offering insights into the various products, market share, marketing strategies, sales, projections and growth figures for both the US and Global markets.

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Mortgages & Financing Industry Research & Market Reports

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