Discount Stores Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Discount stores are like department stores as far as total size, layout, and products go. Discount stores provide similar products but a lower costs. Different product lines are displayed in different areas inside the store, and normally there is a central check-out at the front of the store for customers to buy the goods. In some of the discount stores there may be different check-outs in some individual departments. Discount stores normally sell a large variety of goods, but some stores sometimes focus specifically on specialty items. Products sold in discount stores often are: cosmetics, apparel (for women, men, infants, and children), health products, toys, non-perishable grocery items, electronics (like audio and video goods), kitchen products, sporting goods, and jewelry. Discount stores often compete for customer traffic with department stores, online retailers, off-price stores, specialty stores, drug stores, supercenters, warehouse clubs, and catalog retailers. At times, discount store firms will also develop a warehouse club and supercenter.

Discount stores are directed to a specific demographic; normally lower to middle income customers. The demand for this industry is pushed by the spending habits of customers and the population increase that may happened in the regions of the discount stores. The overall profits of independent discount store companies depends on their ability to stay competitive in terms of pricing, increase their revenue per square foot, sufficiently locate stores, advertize product efficiently, and manage the supply chain. Smaller companies put more focus on developing niche markets for some products, or finding an untapped market. Bigger companies have an edge within the industry as they are more readily capable of negotiating lease terms for store space, and bargain for lower prices with their suppliers.

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Discount Stores Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Dollar Stores - 2023 U.S. Market Research Report with Updated Recession Risk & COVID-19 Forecasts

    ... the retail sector in the United States with over 100 data sets covering 2014-2027. This Kentley Insights report includes historical and forecasted market size, ecommerce, product lines, inventory turns, gross margin, profitability, financial ratios, BCG ... Read More

  • Miscellaneous Store Retailers - 2023 U.S. Market Research Report with Updated Recession Risk & COVID-19 Forecasts

    ... assessments of the retail sector in the United States with over 100 data sets covering 2014-2027. This Kentley Insights report includes historical and forecasted market size, ecommerce, product lines, inventory turns, gross margin, profitability, financial ... Read More

  • Discount Variety Stores in Australia - Industry Market Research Report

    ... means discount variety stores have lost significant revenue. The counter-cyclical nature of discount variety goods has also hampered revenue prospects. Rising discretionary income and selected years of positive consumer sentiment has helped consumers substitute spending ... Read More

  • Discounters in Romania

    ... prices offered by discounters are due to the high share of private label for both basic products and more sophisticated health and wellness options. Many local consumers were searching for more affordable essentials in 2022 ... Read More

  • Discounters in Hungary

    ... 2020, dynamic growth continued during the pandemic in 2020 and 2021. In 2022, as inflation (particularly on food products) reached heights not experienced for over 20 years, especially as the year progressed, this led discounters ... Read More

  • Convenience, Mom And Pop Stores Global Market Report 2023

    ... need to assess the market. This report focuses on convenience, mom and pop stores market which is experiencing strong growth. The report gives a guide to the trends which will be shaping the market over ... Read More

  • Discounters in Sweden

    ... Pekos Värmland AB, recorded positive performances, as pandemic-related restrictions encouraged Swedes to cook more frequently at home. This drove up demand for groceries in discounters. Euromonitor International's Discounters in Sweden report offers insight into key ... Read More

  • Discounters in Norway

    ... well as their extended opening hours. However, after little movement in sales in 2021 as fears of the pandemic continued, discounters faced a strong readjustment in 2022, with a strong current value decline. This was ... Read More

  • Discounters in Finland

    ... only discounter in Finland. When Lidl arrived in Finland in 2002, Kesko initially tried to compete by launching the relatively short-lived Cassa discounter chain, but other than that, competitors have instead reacted to Lidl’s presence ... Read More

  • Discounters in South Africa

    ... down to affordable retail options such as discounters. The shift was supported by the channel's extended range of private label offerings across basic commodities and essential products. At the lower-income level, the performance was supported ... Read More

  • Discount Department Stores

    ... include Kmart, Target, and Walmart (all based in the US), as well as Auchan Retail and Carrefour (both based in France), Daiso Japan (Japan), Lojas Americanas (Brazil), and METRO AG (Germany). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Population growth ... Read More

  • Discounters in Denmark

    ... meant consumers tried to save money where possible, a factor that positively impacted discounters, which saw the strongest current value growth amongst grocery retailers in 2022, as these retailers offer low prices. The impact of ... Read More

  • Discounters in the US

    ... of products, usually under private label lines, at significantly lower prices than most supermarkets, had helped win converts in the US. This, coupled with a policy of rapid store expansion adopted by most of the ... Read More

  • Dollar & Other General Merchandise Stores

    ... and Dollar Tree (both based in the US), along with Dollarama (Canada) and Poundland Group (UK). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Demand is driven by consumer spending, particularly among less affluent consumers, as most companies target the lower- ... Read More

  • Discount Stores (UK) - Industry Report

    ... BAINS DISCOUNT LTD, CHEERY BUYS LTD and DISCOUNT SHOE SALES LTD. This report includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over the past four years. Plimsoll Publishing’s latest Discount Stores (UK) analysis is ... Read More

  • Convenience Retailers in Germany

    ... at full capacity following a pause induced by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021. Convenience stores located at train stations also strongly benefited from a rise in train passenger numbers during summer 2022, thanks ... Read More

  • General Merchandise Stores in Germany

    ... German non-grocery store-based retail landscape. Yet, within general merchandise stores, an already diverging trend further accelerated, with variety stores growing rapidly by all measures, while non-luxury department stores faced additional challenges, that increasingly question its ... Read More

  • Discounters in Germany

    ... their popularity rise in 2022 as consumer confidence deteriorated sharply amidst the consequences of the war in Ukraine. Consumers increasingly sought lower prices and increasingly turned to discounters, even switching to chains that they previously ... Read More

  • General Merchandise Stores in Chile

    ... foot traffic, meant that as restrictions all but disappeared over 2022, it was time to rethink their stores and reconnect with consumers returning for in-person shopping. The leaders Falabella, Paris and Ripley carried out tremendous ... Read More

  • Dollar & Variety Stores in the US - Industry Market Research Report

    ... new strategies to sustain growth. The most substantial platform for change within the industry has been its customer base. While dollar stores have historically targeted low-income earners, this consumer pool has expanded in recent years ... Read More

  • General Merchandise Stores in Mexico

    ... Euromonitor International's General Merchandise Stores in Mexico report offers insight into key trends and developments driving the industry. The report examines all retail channels to provide sector insight. Channels include hypermarkets, supermarkets, discounters, convenience stores, ... Read More

  • Discounters in Mexico

    ... number of outlets). In 2022, the format managed to outperform both hypermarkets and hypermarkets in current value terms, due to their ability to offer low prices on a wide range of products, including non-groceries, a ... Read More

  • Discounters in Chile

    ... in 2022, it still showed sales growth despite the increasing cost of living. It was in fact this same reality that attracted new consumers to the brand, who were actively looking for more affordable products, ... Read More

  • Convenience Retailers in Mexico

    ... return to physical shopping, growth was hampered by inflationary pressures, which squeezed the purchasing power of local consumers. Facing a decline in real disposable incomes, consumers shifted their shopping behaviour to lower-priced products and brands, ... Read More

  • Convenience Retailers in Chile

    ... While the brand remains active in the country, FEMSA Comercio is continuing the process of closing the store locations mandated in the Fiscalia Nacional Economica (FNE) ruling allowing the purchase, to reduce the possibility of ... Read More

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