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Discount stores are like department stores as far as total size, layout, and products go. Discount stores provide similar products but a lower costs. Different product lines are displayed in different areas inside the store, and normally there is a central check-out at the front of the store for customers to buy the goods. In some of the discount stores there may be different check-outs in some individual departments. Discount stores normally sell a large variety of goods, but some stores sometimes focus specifically on specialty items. Products sold in discount stores often are: cosmetics, apparel (for women, men, infants, and children), health products, toys, non-perishable grocery items, electronics (like audio and video goods), kitchen products, sporting goods, and jewelry. Discount stores often compete for customer traffic with department stores, online retailers, off-price stores, specialty stores, drug stores, supercenters, warehouse clubs, and catalog retailers. At times, discount store firms will also develop a warehouse club and supercenter.

Discount stores are directed to a specific demographic; normally lower to middle income customers. The demand for this industry is pushed by the spending habits of customers and the population increase that may happened in the regions of the discount stores. The overall profits of independent discount store companies depends on their ability to stay competitive in terms of pricing, increase their revenue per square foot, sufficiently locate stores, advertize product efficiently, and manage the supply chain. Smaller companies put more focus on developing niche markets for some products, or finding an untapped market. Bigger companies have an edge within the industry as they are more readily capable of negotiating lease terms for store space, and bargain for lower prices with their suppliers.

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Discount Stores Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Discount Department Stores

    ... include Kmart, Target, and Walmart (all based in the US), as well as Carrefour and Groupe Auchan (France), Daiso Japan, Lojas Americanas (Brazil), and METRO AG (Germany). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Population growth and consumer spending drive ... Read More

  • Discounters in Argentina

    ... channel is becoming even more tempting for a growing number of consumers who, in search of the best prices, are beginning to visit such outlets. In turn, the large number of openings of both own ... Read More

  • Variety Stores in Argentina

    ... from kitchen utensils to children’s toys and decorative items, with the goal of tempting consumers to enter and buy at least something. Given the current difficult economic scenario, local players are turning their offers towards ... Read More

  • Discounters in Bulgaria

    ... their store networks during the year. The discounters format has taken some time to establish itself in Bulgaria initially suffering from a poor reputation which persisted in the absence of marketing support. Bulgarian consumers’ lack ... Read More

  • Variety Stores in Bulgaria

    ... continues to attract consumers with a combination of a diverse product offer and affordable pricing. The ongoing expansion of the leading players’ store networks is expected to drive growth in variety stores over the forecast ... Read More

  • Discounters in Israel

    ... that eventually discounters became the biggest modern grocery retail channel in terms of value sales, a position it continues to hold in 2019. Consumers choosing a grocery store typically consider two primary factors: prices and ... Read More

  • Dollar Stores - 2020 U.S. Market Research Report with COVID-19 Forecasts

    ... United States with over 100 data sets covering 2011-2024. This report has updated 2020 and 5-year forecasts due to the imact of COVID-19. This Kentley Insights report includes historical and forecasted market size, ecommerce, product ... Read More

  • Variety Stores in Israel

    ... variety stores has been an especially appealing channel where consumers can typically find wide variety of products in conveniently located outlets at low prices. Indeed, products on offer in variety stores range from arts and ... Read More

  • Discounters in Hungary

    ... Aldi Magyarország Élelmiszeripari Kereskedelmi, the most recent entrant in the channel in the late 2000s, is keen to expand into new locations. However, the “plaza-stop act” restricts the extension and establishment of new retail facilities ... Read More

  • Discounters in Saudi Arabia

    ... slowdown seen at the end of the review period. The government’s Saudization policy and VAT also contributed to discounters’ woes, impacting profitability. The combination of these factors led to outlet closures. A large proportion of ... Read More

  • Variety Stores in Hungary

    ... larger economies of scale for leading manufacturers’ brands and strong private label ranges across all product categories. In order to compete on price, most variety stores offer small, unknown brands from domestic manufacturers and cheap ... Read More

  • Discounters in South Africa

    ... channel in the country during the review period, with retailers targeting underserved populations and low-income households in particular. With high unemployment and only moderate gains expected in the economy, discounters should see further strong growth ... Read More

  • Variety Stores in South Africa

    ... with prices often lower than those available in other channels. Variety stores are particularly popular with lower LSM groups for this reason and with the economy projected to see only a modest improvement over the ... Read More

  • Discounters in Colombia

    ... factor that created the ideal platform to boost the expansion of this channel was adapting to consumers’ needs. As household consumption began to slow, discounters took advantage of decreasing brand loyalty amongst local consumers, who ... Read More

  • Variety Stores in Colombia

    ... from which to buy cheap bric-a-brac, whose low prices practically guarantee poor quality and lead to quick disposal, so are seen by many as a waste of money. Variety stores are usually part of the ... Read More

  • Retailing in Colombia

    ... review period retailing in Colombia 2019 showed a progressive outlook in terms of consumption by adapting to tax changes, rising prices and adjustments in households which changed consumers’ purchasing behaviour. Grocery retailers continued to see ... Read More

  • Variety Stores in Ukraine

    ... household and other goods at extremely low prices, which are affordable even for working class consumers in rural areas. Few variety stores have offered e-commerce sites so far, and the trend of researching products online ... Read More

  • Variety Stores in Taiwan

    ... and consumers became more cautious in their spending. Variety stores, which often offered products at affordable prices or with discounts, benefited from the economic environment and recorded healthy growth in 2019. In addition, chained variety ... Read More

  • Discounters in Greece

    ... to cut down on their spending. Despite the modest recovery in the country’s economy at the end of the review period, discounters continued to see positive current value growth in 2019, as low disposable incomes ... Read More

  • Discounters in Switzerland

    ... channel witnessed strong outlet growth in 2019 as Swiss consumers increasingly favoured discounters at the expense of larger format modern grocery outlets such as supermarkets and hypermarkets. Sales via discounters continue to primarily take place ... Read More

  • Variety Stores in Switzerland

    ... This enables them to attract consumers from low-income households as well as more affluent consumers looking for bargains. In addition, the number of variety stores continued to grow in Switzerland as operators sought to expand ... Read More

  • Discounters in Taiwan

    ... Taiwan report offers insight into key trends and developments driving the industry. The report examines all retail channels to provide sector insight. Channels include hypermarkets, supermarkets, discounters, convenience stores, mixed retailers, health and beauty retailers, ... Read More

  • Variety Stores in Greece

    ... consumer behaviour. In this context, small independent stores will keep appearing in an increasingly fragmented competitive landscape. The recession benefitted variety stores, as most operators in this channel stock economy merchandise, which attracted cash-strapped consumers. ... Read More

  • Variety Stores in Portugal

    ... denominated as “Loja dos 300”, and Chinese and Indian-owned and often family-run independent variety stores. These outlets grew in popularity during the recession with a range of competitively-priced products of varying quality. However, despite a ... Read More

  • Discounters in Portugal

    ... forecast period. This channel is being mainly driven by the efforts of Aldi and Lidl which continued to expand their networks and focus on the rising demand amongst local consumers for proximity, a concept which ... Read More

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