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With its policies being offered by numerous companies as part of their benefits packages in addition to the private policies that the companies issue, Life Insurance is a wide-spread and well-established industry in the industrialized world, with the main selling point being the ‘peace of mind’ offered in knowing that the policy holder’s beneficiaries will be provided for financially after the policy holder’s passing, with payments assisting from anything from funeral costs to long-term lifestyle maintenance.

Life Insurance policies are legal contracts, the terms of which describe the limitations of the events that are covered. Specific exclusions are often written into the language of the document, indemnifying the policy issuer against claims relating to war, suicide, civil commotion and rioting. Policy types mainly fall into two categories, Protection and Investment policies.

Protection policies provide a benefit in the case of a specific event, then provide payment in one lump sum (referred to as term insurance), while Investment policies’ main objective is to increase the capital by regular premiums or payments (referred to as whole life, variable life and universal life policies). Most life insurance companies offer a variety of products to a wide variety of people, thus mitigating their overall exposure.

The collection of reports in’s Life Insurance Reports category offer helpful insight into this field, providing information on market share, opportunities, market trends, sales, projections, and marketing strategies. Specifics on size, growth, segmentation, marketing strategies, and granularity with both the US and global markets make these reports essential for anyone who needs information on this field.

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Life Insurance Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Barbados Insurance Q1 2019

    ... the country's sizeable expatriate population. While the economyremains fragile and consumer confidence is tentative, we see a number of bright spots emerging for the insurance industry over thenext few years. In particular, we see robust ... Read More

  • Colombia Insurance Q1 2019

    ... growth outlook for the market is positive. Accelerating realGDP growth, bolstered by rising consumption and robust investment, will result in an uptick in demand from both individual andcorporate consumers resulting in strong gains in terms ... Read More

  • Nigeria Insurance Q1 2019

    ... the widespread poverty and lack of insuranceaffordability. Even more affluent middle-class consumers have a tendency to avoid paying for insurance, hampering the growth ofcompulsory basic lines such as motor vehicle insurance. The country's economic stability ... Read More

  • China Insurance Q1 2019

    ... the major segments, growth is being boosted by innovation by enormousorganisations that have access to the capital that they need, as well as control over multiple distribution channels. In the lifesegment, growth is underpinned by ... Read More

  • Ireland Insurance Q1 2019

    ... where demand is set to improve in bothestablished segments and in less developed lines where carriers are reaching more first-time users. Downside risks are minimal,although Ireland is exposed to potential disruption due to the UK's ... Read More

  • Life Insurance Carriers

    ... New York Life, and Prudential Financial (all based in the US), as well as AEGON (the Netherlands), AXA (France), Nippon Life (Japan), and Prudential (UK). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Demand is driven by demographics and the economy. ... Read More

  • Algeria & Morocco Insurance Q1 2019

    ... Inflation on the ground is reported to be increasing, while in a majoritively electronicbased transactions system, the state has just introduced an electronic transactions tax. Consumers continue to bear the full brunt ofthe economic collapse. Read More

  • Austria Insurance Q1 2019

    ... through 2019, and the market will make a turn into acontractionary period. We forecast vehicle sales to contract by 4.3% in 2019 and continue to average an annual contraction of 1.5%over our 2019-2027 forecast period. Read More

  • Dominican Republic Insurance Q1 2019

    ... FID on the Tyraredevelopment programme. The field redevelopment will enable Tyra and several neighboring fields to continue production overthe forecast period, ensuring a continuation of the Danish gas industry which otherwise would have been condemned. Read More

  • Guatemala Insurance Q1 2019

    ... in the transport sector,which is creating new opportunities for domestic and international construction companies. Investors do however face someconsiderable challenges in the market, not the least of which are ongoing corruption scandals which have embroiled ... Read More

  • Latvia Insurance Q1 2019

    ... market is however home to severalsignificant regional providers which brings more depth and diversity to product ranges and distribution channels, making insurancemore accessible to potential consumers. Healthy economic growth in the country is also driving ... Read More

  • Singapore Insurance Q1 2019

    ... driven by the continued expansion of the city state'spool of organised savings. The non-life segment will likely grow more slowly than the life segment. The rise in premiums will bedriven mainly by the expansion of ... Read More

  • Slovakia Insurance Q1 2019

    ... life insurance segment. Factors underpinning ouroutlook include rising household incomes and solid economic growth that will boost demand for protection, savings andinvestment products in the life sector as well as for mandatory and discretionary covers ... Read More

  • Vietnam Insurance Q1 2019

    ... many metrics, conditions should supportdouble-digit growth in premiums for much or all of the forecast period. Increased involvement by major multinationals means thataccess to capital and know-how will not be a constraint. The main challenge ... Read More

  • Life Insurance and Annuity Underwriters (Direct Carriers) Industry (U.S.): Analytics, Extensive Financial Benchmarks, Metrics and Revenue Forecasts to 2025, NAIC 524113

    ... will save countless hours of research. Key Findings: Life Insurance and Annuity Underwriters (Direct Carriers) Industry (U.S.) to reach $986,887 million by 2025. Life Insurance and Annuity Underwriters (Direct Carriers) Industry, including Average EBITDA, Operating ... Read More

  • Bahamas Insurance Q1 2019

    ... (and can afford them). Non-life insurance premiums shouldbe boosted by higher volumes in the property and the motor vehicle insurance sub-sectors, which together account for over 80% ofnon-life business written. In relation to both of ... Read More

  • Iran Insurance Q1 2019

    ... sector, as economic turmoil, small scaleprotests and policy uncertainty continue to take their toll on investor sentiment. The retreat of European investors will solidify thedominance of Chinese and Russian companies within Iran's infrastructure competitive landscape. Read More

  • Lebanon Insurance Q1 2019

    ... segment. We have not further revised down our forecasts forhydropower, having eliminated the capacity contributed by the collapsed Xe Pian Xe Namnoy last quarter. Laos’ quest to be becomethe 'battery of South East Asia' is ... Read More

  • Mozambique Insurance Q1 2019

    ... curb reliance on imported coal, natural gasand oil for power generation. The competitive prices registered for photovoltaic and concentrating solar power, and onshore windpower, coupled with an expanding and progressing pipeline of project will increase ... Read More

  • Pakistan Insurance Q1 2019

    ... principal trends, namely premiumisation, convenience and health consciousness. Levels ofcompetition in the MGR retail sector are already significant which, combined with market maturity, will result in fairly limitedincreases in consumer spending on food and drink ... Read More

  • Czech Republic Insurance Q1 2019

    ... A growing economy and the country's high living standards have createdsteady demand for basic lines including motor and property insurance, while life insurance is well recognised as a savings andinvestment product by many Czech households. ... Read More

  • Hungary Insurance Q1 2019

    ... prospects for retirement income related products. In relation to thenon-life segment, we see that we had been overly cautious about the prospects for the motor insurance sub-sector, which accountsfor about half of all non-life premiums. ... Read More

  • New Zealand Insurance Q1 2019

    ... the life and the non-life segments, the socialisation of risk-bearing constrains opportunities for insurers. In the lifesegment, significant amounts flow to the KiwiSaver funds and other savings products that are, strictly speaking, outside theinsurance sector. Read More

  • Direct Life, Health, and Medical Insurance Carriers - The 2018 U.S. Market Research Report (Covers 2009-2022 )

    ... Health, and Medical Insurance Carriers industry in the United States. Kentley Insights' Market Research Reports are based on millions of annual comprehensive business surveys. This report is utilized for a range of strategic purposes, including ... Read More

  • Direct Life Insurance Carriers - The 2018 U.S. Market Research Report (Covers 2009-2022 )

    ... in the United States. Kentley Insights' Market Research Reports are based on millions of annual comprehensive business surveys. This report is utilized for a range of strategic purposes, including benchmarking, due diligence, cost cutting, planning, ... Read More

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