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With its policies being offered by numerous companies as part of their benefits packages in addition to the private policies that the companies issue, Life Insurance is a wide-spread and well-established industry in the industrialized world, with the main selling point being the ‘peace of mind’ offered in knowing that the policy holder’s beneficiaries will be provided for financially after the policy holder’s passing, with payments assisting from anything from funeral costs to long-term lifestyle maintenance.

Life Insurance policies are legal contracts, the terms of which describe the limitations of the events that are covered. Specific exclusions are often written into the language of the document, indemnifying the policy issuer against claims relating to war, suicide, civil commotion and rioting. Policy types mainly fall into two categories, Protection and Investment policies.

Protection policies provide a benefit in the case of a specific event, then provide payment in one lump sum (referred to as term insurance), while Investment policies’ main objective is to increase the capital by regular premiums or payments (referred to as whole life, variable life and universal life policies). Most life insurance companies offer a variety of products to a wide variety of people, thus mitigating their overall exposure.

The collection of reports in’s Life Insurance Reports category offer helpful insight into this field, providing information on market share, opportunities, market trends, sales, projections, and marketing strategies. Specifics on size, growth, segmentation, marketing strategies, and granularity with both the US and global markets make these reports essential for anyone who needs information on this field.

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Life Insurance Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Estonia Insurance Q4 2018

    ... ongoing improvements to employment and income rates, aswell as rising awareness of the benefits of life cover and better product availability. In the non-life sector, which already accounts forthe majority of premiums written in the ... Read More

  • Hungary Insurance Q4 2018

    ... country for major multinational insurers operating in the region. The development of theinsurance sector will be driven by a combination of positive economic and demographic trends. In particular, we note the impact ofrising income levels ... Read More

  • Switzerland Insurance Q4 2018

    ... and sophisticated in the developed world. The affluence of localhouseholds and their predisposition towards insurance products also means a high level of coverage, demonstrated by superiorpenetration and density rates compared with a number of neighbouring ... Read More

  • Bahamas Insurance Q4 2018

    ... investment prospects as indicated by their growth ratesand levels of insurance density and penetration, supported by improvements in disposable household incomes. Growth in theimportant property sub-sector has been constrained by over-capacity. Nevertheless, premiums are growing ... Read More

  • France Insurance Q3 2018

    ... growth potential of both thelife and non-life segments, both segments should retain their attractiveness to investors. The development of innovative productsand new distribution channels may provide a way to overcome economic challenges. Upside challenges to ... Read More

  • Tanzania Insurance Q3 2018

    ... requirementthat importers use domestic insurers to insure goods being transported into Tanzania should help limit externalisation of insuranceand boost transport premiums, particularly at a time of increased road construction. Risks include rising taxation and the ... Read More

  • Germany Insurance Q3 2018

    ... gross value of life premiums will likely bemodest over the next five years, albeit while seeing an improvement from negative growth in preceding years. Although economicgrowth disappointed slightly in Germany in Q118, coming in at ... Read More

  • Taiwan Insurance Q3 2018

    ... in the organised savings landscape. Demographic factors are boostingdemand for retirement savings solutions, in a territory where household incomes are high and the insurance companies' offeringsare well understood. The ability of the leading life insurance ... Read More

  • Finance & Insurance Sector

    ... and insurance companies include AIG, Bank of America, Citigroup, Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, MetLife, and Wells Fargo (all based in the US), as well as Allianz (Germany), AXA (France), BNP Paribas (France), and Industrial ... Read More

  • Austria Insurance Q3 2018

    ... support from strengthening GDP growth. We furtherexpect to see ongoing downward pressure on pricing, particularly due to competitive pressures in the motor and property insurancesub-sectors. The health sector appears primed to provide the biggest stimulus ... Read More

  • Jamaica Insurance Q3 2018

    ... most standards, as a result of low income levels and limited household spendingcapacity. These economic factors directly impact the potential of product lines to expand. Still, we expect to see double-digit andhigh single-digit growth rates ... Read More

  • Qatar Insurance Q3 2018

    ... the horizon. The insurance industry premiums will be driven byrecovering oil prices, improving annual GDP growth rate out to 2022, rising levels of domestic demand and private finalconsumption and an extensive infrastructure development pipeline packed ... Read More

  • Romania Insurance Q3 2018

    ... higher exports and increased investment all supporting healthy GDP growth,ahead of the regional average. As a result, demand is set to rise across a range of insurance lines, for both corporate and individualcustomers, though basic ... Read More

  • Pakistan Insurance Q3 2018

    ... on bancassurance, but coverage is still limited due to lowhousehold incomes, lack of awareness and a lack of foreign investment, which could bring much-needed capital and expertise.Rising affluence and an expanding middle class are crucial ... Read More

  • Thailand Insurance Q3 2018

    ... growth of regional trade and the general expansion of theeconomy should boost premiums in both the life and the non-life segments. The sector will continue to benefit from foreign know-how in terms of product development, ... Read More

  • Panama Insurance Q3 2018

    ... domestic households and well as thesophistication of the country’s large financial services industry. The short- and medium-term outlook for the life and non-lifeinsurance sectors remains positive and will be supported by a growing economy, rising ... Read More

  • Peru Insurance Q3 2018

    ... in the extractive sector and the return of investment growth, willtranslate to higher employment and income rates which in turn is expected to increase demand for a range of insurance products inthe life and non-life ... Read More

  • Philippines Insurance Q3 2018

    ... fromthe steady rises in household incomes and economic activity in general. In both cases, premiums will be boosted by thedevelopment and distribution of innovative products. This quarter, we have once again left our forecasts unchanged. Read More

  • Uganda Insurance Q3 2018

    ... the industry as well as low levels of disposable income.Although the sector is dominated by foreign insurers, investment can be undermined by currency revaluations and high inflation,which devalues revenue in USD terms. Economic growth is, ... Read More

  • Denmark Insurance Q3 2018

    ... competitive, with both domestic and pan-Nordic regioncarriers already very well established in the life and non-life sectors, enjoying high levels of brand awareness and customer loyalty. Asa result, there is limited scope for new entrants, ... Read More

  • Dominican Republic Insurance Q3 2018

    ... motor insurance. This is due to the low incomes oflocal households and the limited consumer awareness around life insurance and other discretionary lines. Slowly, we are starting tosee living standards and hence disposable incomes creep ... Read More

  • Hong Kong Insurance Q3 2018

    ... and most sophisticated insurance markets globally. Most sub-sectors of the non-lifesegment will likely benefit from continuing growth in the economy of (greater) China. The life segment plays a central role in theorganised savings landscape of ... Read More

  • Luxembourg Insurance Q3 2018

    ... solutions. Luxembourg benefits from a robustregulatory environment and a large pool of financial services workers. The prowess of the financial services sector and strong tradelinks will drive the non-life insurance segment, whereas favorable demographics and ... Read More

  • Namibia Insurance Q3 2018

    ... recession and higher-than-usual inflationprevent us from being outright bullish. We have revised down our forecasts for the pro-cyclical and interest rate-sensitive non-lifesector, as the prospects of substantial monetary easing are quite low, amid stubborn inflation, ... Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Insurance Q3 2018

    ... motor and health insurance, due to ongoing improvementsto employment and income rates and insurers are increasingly well placed to take advantage of growth through more diversifiedproduct lines and distribution channels. Life insurance will remain a ... Read More

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