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With its policies being offered by numerous companies as part of their benefits packages in addition to the private policies that the companies issue, Life Insurance is a wide-spread and well-established industry in the industrialized world, with the main selling point being the ‘peace of mind’ offered in knowing that the policy holder’s beneficiaries will be provided for financially after the policy holder’s passing, with payments assisting from anything from funeral costs to long-term lifestyle maintenance.

Life Insurance policies are legal contracts, the terms of which describe the limitations of the events that are covered. Specific exclusions are often written into the language of the document, indemnifying the policy issuer against claims relating to war, suicide, civil commotion and rioting. Policy types mainly fall into two categories, Protection and Investment policies.

Protection policies provide a benefit in the case of a specific event, then provide payment in one lump sum (referred to as term insurance), while Investment policies’ main objective is to increase the capital by regular premiums or payments (referred to as whole life, variable life and universal life policies). Most life insurance companies offer a variety of products to a wide variety of people, thus mitigating their overall exposure.

The collection of reports in’s Life Insurance Reports category offer helpful insight into this field, providing information on market share, opportunities, market trends, sales, projections, and marketing strategies. Specifics on size, growth, segmentation, marketing strategies, and granularity with both the US and global markets make these reports essential for anyone who needs information on this field.

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Life Insurance Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Estonia Insurance Q3 2018

    ... states,benefiting from a stable political environment and the ongoing shift towards a higher value added production and services-basedgrowth model. This growth should translate to steady improvements to employment and income rates, in turn creating higherdemand ... Read More

  • Latvia Insurance Q3 2018

    ... consumption, will make Latvia one of theeurozone outperformers in 2018, creating a positive growth environment for the insurance industry. Challenges remain, however,due to comparatively low average income levels, which restrict household capacity for savings and ... Read More

  • Lebanon Insurance Q3 2018

    ... is positive, the insurancesector will continue to contend with significant structural challenges. Low employment rates remain a major barrier to growth,restricting average household income rates and limiting demand for group based covers. Slow economic growth ... Read More

  • Angola Insurance Q3 2018

    ... by the government to diversify the revenue base beyondcrude exports have crimped what was already an underdeveloped insurance market in recent years, with high inflation more thanwiping out the effect of nominal gains in real ... Read More

  • Mauritius Insurance Q3 2018

    ... up in coming years and average10.3% as household incomes improve, fuelling interest in life premiums as an alternative vehicle for long-term investment. By 2022,the insurance sector should see total premiums of MUR32.0bn (USD1.1bn), led by ... Read More

  • The Insurance Industry in the Central African Republic, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2022

    ... in Central African Republic, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2022, report provides detailed analysis of the market trends, drivers and challenges in the Central African Republic insurance industry. It provides key performance indicators such as ... Read More

  • Australia Insurance Q3 2018

    ... should benefit from the continued growth of superannuation,notwithstanding that they are in competition with the superannuation funds as providers of wealth management products. In thenon-life segment, health insurance companies will benefit from demographic changes. However, ... Read More

  • Bahamas Insurance Q3 2018

    ... investment prospects as indicated by their growth ratesand levels of insurance density and penetration, supported by improvements in disposable household incomes. However, thecountry's geographical location renders it vulnerable to hurricanes, which place considerable downward pressure ... Read More

  • Brazil Insurance Q3 2018

    ... expanding middle-class consumer pool and healthyconsumption levels will support a positive climate for insurance uptake out to 2022. Life insurance sales will be buoyed byfavourable demographics and a penchant for life and savings products. Non-life ... Read More

  • Jordan Insurance Q3 2018

    ... life insurance segment will record the strongest growth in 2018, thenon-life segment will remain by far the larger of the two, accounting for the majority of premiums written. This is due to the relativestrength of ... Read More

  • New Zealand Insurance Q3 2018

    ... the life and the non-life segments, the socialisation of risk-bearing constrains opportunities for insurers. In the lifesegment, significant amounts flow to the KiwiSaver funds and other savings products that are, strictly speaking, outside theinsurance sector. Read More

  • Norway Insurance Q3 2018

    ... for savings and investment in the market, will benefit fromsteady improvement to employment and income rates, helping to offset the impact of persistently low interest rates. In the smallernon-life sector, consistent growth is anticipated across ... Read More

  • Switzerland Insurance Q3 2018

    ... the life market, with negative interest ratesencouraging people to make big-ticket consumer purchases, rather than to save. The prospects for market consolidation aretherefore stronger in the non-life market than they are in the life market. Read More

  • Trinidad & Tobago Insurance Q3 2018

    ... and the country's high level of industrial development, namely that of the natural gas sector.As the economy emerges from recession in 2018, this will have a positive impact on major insurance lines. However, with most ... Read More

  • Honduras Insurance Q3 2018

    ... for a range of insurance covers. In the non-lifesector, the market will remain dominated by three key basic lines; property, health and motor insurance. In each segment, thegradual expansion of product ranges, including the development ... Read More

  • Hungary Insurance Q3 2018

    ... from major multinational insurers operating in the region. The development of the insurancesector will be driven by a combination of positive economic and demographic trends. In particular, we note the impact of risingincome levels that ... Read More

  • Life Assurance & Pensions (UK) - Industry Report

    ... HISCOX INSURANCE COMPANY LTD and UNIVERSITIES SUPERANNUATION SCHEME LTD. This report covers activities such as investments, pensions, insurance, employee benefits, financial planning and includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over the past ... Read More

  • The Insurance Industry in Costa Rica, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2022

    ... and Opportunities to 2022' report provides in-depth market analysis, information and insights into the Costa Rican insurance industry, including - The Costa Rican insurance industry's growth prospects by segment and category A comprehensive overview of ... Read More

  • The Insurance Industry in Republic of the Congo, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2022

    ... in Republic of the Congo, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2022, report provides detailed analysis of the market trends, drivers and challenges in the Congolese insurance industry. It provides key performance indicators such as written ... Read More

  • The Insurance Industry in Uzbekistan, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2022

    ... 2022' report provides in-depth market analysis, information and insights into the Uzbek insurance industry, including - The Uzbek insurance industry's growth prospects by segment and category A comprehensive overview of the Uzbek economy and demographics ... Read More

  • Belgium Insurance Report Q3 2018

    ... market where both density and penetration levels in the lifeand non-life segments are strong. As organic growth rates are low and the first-time buyer pool is diminished, insurers will look toproduct innovation and active upselling ... Read More

  • Cote d'Ivoire Insurance Report Q3 2018

    ... emergence of a middle class all bode well. Premium growthin US dollar terms should be particularly strong, owing to favourable exchange rate movements. The main risks to this bullish overallscenario concern security, with renewed military ... Read More

  • Czech Republic Insurance Report Q3 2018

    ... most notably VIG and Generali. A growing economy and the country's highliving standards have created a steady demand base for basic lines including motor and property insurance, while life insurance iswell recognised as a savings ... Read More

  • Finland Insurance Report Q3 2018

    ... few. The Finnish market boasts a high level of consumer awareness,supported by the comprehensive retirement savings system in the life sector and by the well-enforced range of compulsory coversin the non-life sector. The competitive landscape ... Read More

  • Oman Insurance Report Q2 2018

    ... income rates which bodes well fordemand in both the life and non-life insurance segments and premiums written in the market are expected to expand steadily. Theinsurance sector is attracting more multinational investment and Oman offers ... Read More

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