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General Food Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Food Consultants & Technologists (UK) - Industry Report

    ... analysis on the top 60 companies, including THE AUTHENTIC FOOD GROUP LTD, FOOD SPECIALTIES TRADING LTD and HIGHFIELD INTERNATIONAL LTD. This report covers activities such as training, food, food safety, technical, gmo and includes a ... Read More

  • Food Wholesalers & Distributors (UK) - Industry Report

    ... analysis on the top 770 companies, including COSTCO WHOLESALE UK LTD, MUSGRAVE RETAIL PARTNERS NI LTD and CP FOODS (UK) LTD. This report covers activities such as american, usa, empire food brokers, food, frozen and ... Read More

  • Food Manufacturers (EUROPEAN) - Industry Report

    ... including ARLA FOODS AMBA, SAVENCIA SA and WILH. WERHAHN KG. This report includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over the past four years. Plimsoll Publishing's latest Food Manufacturers (EUROPEAN) analysis is ideal ... Read More

  • Food Wholesalers (NORDIC) - Industry Report

    ... including BERGENDAHL FOOD AB, AXFOOD SNABBGROSS AB and DI LUCA & DI LUCA AKTIEBOLAG. This report includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over the past four years. Plimsoll Publishing's latest Food Wholesalers ... Read More

  • Hong Kong Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... and income conditions should continue to support spending growth inthe near time. We anticipate premiumisation to remain a defining trend in both the food and drink sectors as consumers opt tospend more on healthier products. ... Read More

  • Central America Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... to increase moderately across the region in 2019, with the exception of a slightfall for Honduras, putting downward pressure on spending by lower-income households. Honduras and Guatemala are forecast tobe the region's outperformers in terms ... Read More

  • Belarus Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... gains in the market. Lack of much needed structural economic reformsweigh on the country's growth prospects in the medium-to-long term. In such context, economically-priced staple food productswill remain popular. Rising health consciousness will be another ... Read More

  • Oman Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... medium term forecast period. This is owing to thepositive outlook for Oman's economy which is being driven by rising global oil prices. Furthermore, the high disposable incomes ofOmani consumers present opportunities for premiumisation and healthification. Read More

  • Mozambique Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... in consumer price inflation easing the burden on households. We note themarket will remain at the lower end of those in the region in total US dollar sales terms, but coming from a low base ... Read More

  • Asia Pacific Food & Drink Directory 2019

    Asia Pacific Food & Drink Directory 2019 Profiles the largest food and drink manufactures throughout Asia and the Pacific regions Read More

  • Tanzania Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... in the short to medium term. As a result bread,rice and cereals as well as meat and poultry will account for around 73% of food spending while beer will be the largest alcoholicdrinks spending category ... Read More

  • Turkey Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... growth rates across the sector. Considering the increasingly challenging consumer outlook, harddiscounters stand to benefit as consumers move down price points and shift away from non-essentials. While a favourabledemographics profile gives Turkey solid future potential. Read More

  • Qatar Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... expect the increased investment in the local production of fresh foods to further boostsales in the medium term. Non-alcoholic drinks will be strong with mineral water, carbonated drinks and hot beverages contributingsignificantly to growth, however ... Read More

  • Sub-Saharan Africa Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... the continent growth levels will be uneven. In the high-growth countries that wecover, a mixture of rising incomes and growing middle class, as well as business environments that are increasingly conducive toinvestment in the food ... Read More

  • Mexico Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... inequality remains significant, rising employment and average wage rates bode wellfor private consumption in the market. A positive economic background with renewed investor and consumer confidence alsoindicates strong growth potential, as not only will spending ... Read More

  • China Food & Drink Directory 2019

    China Food & Drink Directory 2019 Profiles the largest food and drink manufactures throughout China, Taiwan and Hong Kong Read More

  • Indonesia Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... increased household disposable income levels. There is certainly a growingtrend towards more Westernised foods in Indonesia, as a result of a growing middle class located in urban areas with greater accessto more food options. Consumption ... Read More

  • France Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... be driven by higher food price inflation as food prices are part of a 'field-to-fork' review being undertaken by the government to help farmers confronted by low margins. Protests over the rising cost ofliving in ... Read More

  • Breakthrough Sensor Innovations in Food and Beverage Sector

    ... electronic devices, which can be remotely retrieved, observed, and measured using personal computers, laptops and smartphones. In food manufacturing process, sensors are built for detecting and identifying contaminants in food quality and food safety applications. ... Read More

  • Sudan and South Sudan Food & Drink 2019

    ... economic and political environment. The devaluation of the Sudanese pound and fiscalausterity measures will severely strain consumer demand and impinge on the short-term growth prospects for Sudan, but itslonger-term outlook has significantly brightened. The outlook ... Read More

  • Kenya Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... incomes, favourabledemographics and the increasing formalisation of its retail sector. Looking ahead we expect to see a shift in consumer tastes andpreferences that will present opportunities for convenience food and drink as well as premiumisation. Read More

  • Ukraine Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... inflation and soaring real wages will be the key drivers of growth. Nonetheless, given still lowhousehold incomes, the performance of the sector will remain largely dependent on the country's overall economic and politicalclimate, which will ... Read More

  • Zambia Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... will also slow in the year ahead to a forecast 1.5%, with household incomesalso rising more slowly. A further downside risk to the growth picture is presented by a forecast uptick in the country’s rate ... Read More

  • Venezuela Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... drink and mass grocery retail industries in line with the wider economy. Overthe medium term however, there is a chance of regime change in the country, and we believe that a new government would try ... Read More

  • Romania Food & Drink Q1 2019

    ... incomes are giving Romanians more product choice. At the lower end, discounters have beenseeing rapid growth in the market, which will continue to see aggressive expansion strategies by MGRs. The alcoholic drinks sector isseeing solid ... Read More

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