Location Based Services Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

The global location-based services market is enjoying strong market growth. Various business models are establishing themselves, and a wide range of players are focusing their efforts. Mobile location-based services have achieved mainstream acceptance. A smart phone and a data plan can get you a location based service. Popular categories include mapping, local search and information services, navigation, entertainment services, and social networking. The leading social networks are experiencing rapid growth on the mobile web. Improved 3G networks, as well as increasing usage of 3G handsets and the smart phone have influenced vendors to contribute to the significant uptake of mobile applications, including location enhanced applications. Application stores provide a new channel to the marketplace. Many operator navigation services are likely to remain funded by service fees and tracking services, where local search and social networking services will be ad-funded. The mobile advertising landscape is still fragmented, and mobile ad revenues are small compared to premium mobile sources. Location can be a valuable target marketing attribute for some brands.
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Location Based Services Industry Research & Market Reports

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