Gas Utilities Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

The services and products provided by gas utilities comprise the natural gas utility market. Gas utilities provide services connected to pipeline transmission, distribution and delivery of natural gas. These natural gases are delivered to such ratepayers as households, businesses, and heavy industries such as power plants. The gas utility industry is fairly monopolized which allows them to operate with fairly large revenue streams within their service areas. Deregulation has allowed for growth and consolidation amongst many smaller, private utilities. These operations encompass the supply of natural gas at transfer stations – also known as hubs – along gas transmission pipelines all the way to the stations where the gas is fed to distribution pipes in cities. The infrastructure within the transmission and distribution pipeline is fitted with valves, meters, and integrated control systems such as SCADA systems, amongst other pressure regulators. Within the continental United States, there are more than two million miles of utility-owned natural gas pipelines. These require significant financial expenditures by utilities. There are several emerging areas of spending within the gas utilities, including: biogas or biomethane projects, which necessitate additional lengths of small-diameter transmission pipelines. Worldwide, these natural gas utilities must put significant money into infrastructure and the protection and inspection of that infrastructure. Regulation compliance must be met with such things as: leak detection equipment, safety programs, and safeguards against explosions and other accidents. Often, the cost of these expenses can cost ratepayers more than the natural gas itself.
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Gas Utilities Industry Research & Market Reports

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