Motorcycles Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Within the overall transportation industry, the motorcycle sector is experiencing significant revenue growth. Inside the industry, activities include engineering, design, technological development, and manufacturing. Reports feature data on these functions as well as on distribution, marketing, sales and maintenance of motorcycles. These vehicles are divided into categories according to: fuel type (traditional gasoline vs. electric), road types (wheelbase vs. sport bikes), and the number of wheels (two vs. three). Newer electric motorcycles are increasing in popularity thanks to their quieter operation and smaller carbon footprint. At this time, it appears the only problem with electric motorcycles is the lack of speed available with them, which seems to be a function of the battery technology. As fuel cell petroleum-electric hybrid motorcycles are further developed, the market share for hybrid vehicles of this type should increase. Since the first series-produced motorcycle was produced by Hildebrand and Wolfmuller in 1894, the motorcycle industry has been an even-increasing field. Now, motorcycles enjoy a vast array of designs and styles to meet consumer needs. Motorcycles are designed for distance travel, commuting, and off-road racing. On the global market, the industry is characterized by the slow diversification of demand for new fuel types and by new geographic regions affected.
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Motorcycles Industry Research & Market Reports

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