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  • Wireless Internet Service Providers - Industry Market Research Report

    ... of the Wireless Internet Service Providers industry. Moderate capital intensity, light regulation and low barriers to entry have encouraged new entrants to compete in this industry. Over the five years to 2019, operators have raced ... Read More

  • Mobile Internet Retailing in Pakistan

    ... highly optimistic about the outlook for this channel in the country. Moreover, smartphones are now widespread in the country, because more local players have entered the market with affordable prices to cater to the rise ... Read More

  • Mobile Internet Retailing in South Korea

    ... more comfortable with using mobile devices over PC when they are purchasing some products, as they are heavily using their mobile devices to search and browse. Thus, mobile-based marketing though mobile applications will be more ... Read More

  • Wi-Fi: Extended Family Technologies, Applications and Markets

    ... a very small group of communications technologies that does not getting obsolete with time. The family continues to grow adding new members that bring WLAN to the forefront of today innovations in communications with multiple ... Read More

  • Mobile Internet Retailing in Tunisia

    ... focused approach to what users want. Players are expected to flourish in internet retailing due to the wide use of smartphones. They are basing their expectations on their ability to spread advertising messages to thousands ... Read More

  • Mobile Internet Retailing in Nigeria

    ... review period. If there is one area of the Nigerian economy that has been growing quickly, it is the telecommunications industry, supported greatly by mobile phone usage across the country. Demand for smartphones has been ... Read More

  • Mobile Internet Retailing in Canada

    ... The daily average time spent on mobile devices has also been increasing, as consumers increasingly rely on their connected smartphones and tablets. Therefore, retailers are investing heavily in mobile advertising to increase brand awareness. Mobile ... Read More

  • Mobile Internet Retailing in Algeria

    ... predicted to happen in the near future. In Algeria, mobile retailing is projected to record a very high current value CAGR over the forecast period, from a low base. Several factors are behind this positive ... Read More

  • Mobile Internet Retailing in Belarus

    ... electronics grew extensively in the last two years of the review period. Such growth was stimulated by a sound macroeconomic performance and a relatively stable exchange rate. In addition, purchases of smartphones became more affordable ... Read More

  • Mobile Internet Retailing in Costa Rica

    ... In 2018, mobile phones were most commonly used to browse inventory while online purchases primarily were through desktops or laptops. Because of this, most online retailers continued to invest in the further development of their ... Read More

  • Mobile Internet Retailing in Lithuania

    ... of smartphone users in Lithuania, thus integrating the device in more consumers’ daily routines, including online purchasing. The mobile purchasing process is entering a wider spectrum of retailing categories, covering not only beauty and personal ... Read More

  • Mobile Internet Retailing in Serbia

    ... The country is still far behind more developed markets, but the value share of mobile internet retailing within overall internet retailing continued to rise in 2018, and can no longer be viewed as insignificant. Euromonitor ... Read More

  • Mobile Internet Retailing in Azerbaijan

    ... a smartphone with access to the internet and a bank card for making transactions. Furthermore, the number of applications which offer mobile retailing in Azerbaijan remains very low. Even though mobile internet retailing is seeing ... Read More

  • Mobile Internet Retailing in Bosnia-Herzegovina

    ... took place during the review period, whereas before most consumers relied on personal computers for internet connectivity. Furthermore, the quality of the internet improved significantly during this period, both in terms of bandwidth, content quality ... Read More

  • Mobile Internet Retailing in Ecuador

    ... the advances that electronic commerce, and mobile internet retailing, has had in the country is that it has reduced the delivery time of the items that are purchased. In the same way, it has increased ... Read More

  • Mobile Internet Retailing in Croatia

    ... utility companies or service providers. Parking, utility bills, tickets, travel and lodging can be acquired via these apps. Meanwhile, retailers of fast-moving consumer goods have not done much in this respect. Euromonitor International's Mobile Internet ... Read More

  • Mobile Internet Retailing in Dominican Republic

    ... engage with consumers in innovative and creative ways. For example, more mobile internet retailing options are now available via applications which can be downloaded to smartphones or other personal devices. One of the most popular ... Read More

  • Mobile Internet Retailing in Estonia

    ... in Estonia for some years already, only larger retailers were able to implement fully functional and convenient mobile apps and mobile versions of websites. Moreover, implementation of such apps and webpages, even by leading players, ... Read More

  • Mobile Internet Retailing in Georgia

    ... quicker and more convenient. Low-cost internet and larger data packages are encouraging Georgians to use their smartphones to browse for and purchase products from domestic or foreign websites. Euromonitor International's Mobile Internet Retailing in Georgia ... Read More

  • Mobile Internet Retailing in Spain

    ... mobile phones is increasing amongst all age groups in Spain, especially the younger population. This is the generation that is attracted by the possibility of purchasing goods when and where they want. Apps play a ... Read More

  • Mobile Internet Retailing in France

    ... in mobile internet retailing. The share of sales made by mobile increased strongly and reached nearly a quarter of total internet retailing sales in 2018. For some leading websites, this share exceeded 30%. According to ... Read More

  • Mobile Internet Retailing in Greece

    ... of 2017 more Greeks access the internet via their phones than via their laptops or tablets. One important beneficial factor that occurred in the review period was improved network coverage. This improved mobile sales immensely ... Read More

  • Mobile Internet Retailing in the Netherlands

    ... to smartphones and tablets. However, despite the growing prominence of mobile devices, roughly three quarters of online transactions continued to be conducted through laptops and desktops. The trend of greater use of mobile devices is ... Read More

  • Mobile Internet Retailing in Brazil

    ... 4G broadband, especially in poorer regions, mobiles have posted dynamic growth in terms of both web traffic and conversion to sales. Companies are observing this growth and employing robust consumer targeting through joining marketplaces and ... Read More

  • Mobile Internet Retailing in Japan

    ... Younger generations are more likely to make purchases via mobile devices than older generations. In order to target them, it is necessary to prepare a mobile-optimised user interface. Whether this is web browser-based or mobile ... Read More

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