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Restaurants are an essential part of any culture. Wherever you go, all across the globe, you can find places of business selling food, drinks and desserts. There are many types of restaurants, spanning from casual pizza parlors and food trucks, to hotel restaurants and formal establishments. Restaurants usually base their menu around a theme, which can include range of cuisines or focus on food from a single culture. Themes can include seafood, vegetarian food, or that of a culture like Greek, Italian, Indian, American, Mexican or French. Restaurants that base their theme on a culture usually carry it over into the décor, music, and general atmosphere of the establishment.

The atmosphere of a restaurant is a vital part of the perception by the public, and is created by a variety of factors. Included in these factors is the process of being served. At fast food restaurants you may receive food through the drive-through window, or by ordering at the counter. Many casual restaurants seat you at a table, after which a member of their wait staff takes your order, and ensures that you have full drinks and condiments. In a fine dining establishment, patrons must often make reservations to ensure that the restaurant will be able to accommodate them.

Restaurants not only serve food, they often serve alcohol and specialty drinks as well. Restaurants must be fully licensed in order to sell alcohol, and these licenses vary in what they cover depending on the local laws pertaining to the restaurant. Some receive a license to only serve certain alcohols like beer and wine, while other can serve liquor and spirits as well. Some restaurants even allow patrons to bring their own drinks.

There are millions of restaurants all across the globe, each with its own unique food and atmosphere. Restaurant guides, food critics, and bloggers write every day about the food they have experienced, and whether or not the recommend a certain restaurant. These people can help you decide which of the millions of restaurants to choose from, so you can experience the best there is.

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Restaurants Industry Research & Market Reports

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