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Whiskey is an alcoholic drink made from fermented grain mash. The grains that are used include barley, rye, malted barley, malted rye, wheat and corn. Typically whiskey is aged in wooden white oak barrels. In the United States corn whiskey does not need to be aged. Whiskey is prodeuced in most areas that grow grain but can differ in content and quality.

There are many types of whiskey including malt whiskey, which is made from malted barley, and grain whiskey, which can be made from any type of grains. The malts and grains can be combined many ways. A vatted malt is blended from malt whiskies from different distilleries. A pure malt or malt whiskey means it is a vatted whiskey.

Single malt whiskey is a malt whiskey from one distillery. It must be labeled single-cask to truly have the taste of that particular distillery. Blended whiskies are made from a mix of malt and grain whiskies and are often combined with neutral spirits, flavoring and caramel. Cask strength is also called barrel proof. These whiskies are quite rare and are considered the best. Most often cask strength whiskey is un-diluted. Single cask or single barrel whiskies are bottled by specialists and is labeled and numbered.

The age of whiskey is determined by the time between distillation and bottling. Whiskey does not mature in the bottle.

There are many popular drinks made with whiskey such as, Irish coffee, Rob Roy, Nixon, Black tooth grin, Jack and Coke, Mint Julip, Widow’s Cork, Irish Flag, Whiskey Sour, Rusty Nail, Old Fashioned, Northern Comfort and many more.

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Whiskey Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Spirits in the US

    ... a wider variety of interesting spirits and greater shelf space is being dedicated to other distilled spirits. This means that the smaller brands of traditional spirits are being pulled from the bar shelves. From cachaça ... Read More

  • Alcoholic Drinks in the US

    ... category of beer. The unit price continued to increase as premiumisation trends took hold across alcoholic drinks. However, off-trade value growth for alcoholic drinks in 2017 marginally underperformed compared to the market’s overall value growth ... Read More

  • Spirits in Thailand

    ... heavily dominated by “other” spirits, with local distilled beverage sura khao the biggest seller. In addition, sura khao is set to outperform the category over the forecast period, with sales set to benefit from rising ... Read More

  • Spirits in South Africa

    ... boost opportunities in categories like tequila, with microdistilleries benefiting from expansion of the local agave industry. During the review period, brands like Esperanza and Leona were already gaining shelf space. Likewise, ingredients like Fynbos and ... Read More

  • Spirits in Uzbekistan

    ... vodka is available in Uzbekistan. Many new vodka brands appear and disappear in the Uzbekistani marketplace regularly. Due to competitive prices in comparison with other spirits, which are mainly imported, vodka continues to be the ... Read More

  • Spirits in Poland

    ... always treated as an attribute of a wealthy lifestyle, it continues to gain new followers. In value terms, sales recorded much higher growth than volume, as consumers started switching to more expensive types such as ... Read More

  • Spirits in Bolivia

    ... to change the consumer profile associated with this drink, and one strategy has been to approach millennials with contemporary, simple and direct language. By holding events exclusively aimed at this young segment, and being present ... Read More

  • Alcoholic Drinks in New Zealand

    ... years. Over the review period the craft and premiumisation trends continued to impact the market, leading to a fall in volume sales alongside positive current value growth as consumers opted for quality over quantity. In ... Read More

  • Spirits in Cameroon

    ... when going out on the town; as such, spirits is anticipated to record positive volume growth over the forecast period. Middle- and high-income consumers are expected to drive the category growth. Middle-income drinkers are very ... Read More

  • Alcoholic Drinks in the Czech Republic

    ... in the Czech Republic via various types of festivals and advertising both on television and in stores. The main consumer group for cider/perry comprises women and younger consumers who like to experiment with new alcoholic ... Read More

  • Spirits in Norway

    ... premium gin and a positive development for dark rum and aquavit. Furthermore, young adults between 18-20 who are too young to buy spirits above 21% ABV in Norway continued to support the growth of other ... Read More

  • Spirits in Vietnam

    ... spirits was smaller than that for beer. Generally, there are two main key purchasers of spirits in Vietnam based on product categories. While the key purchasers of local white spirits are low-income consumers such as ... Read More

  • Alcoholic Drinks in Slovakia

    ... review period. However, the improvement of the economic situation in the country led to a rising demand for better-quality brands in regard to traditional alcoholic drinks. The trend also positively affected sales of less popular ... Read More

  • Spirits in Taiwan

    ... many players are engaging in marketing and promotional efforts to attract younger consumers to boost sales, such as refreshing their brand image to portray a more modern aesthetic. For example, Diageo Taiwan Inc organises fine ... Read More

  • Spirits in South Korea

    ... their shares by leveraging their brand power and wide distribution networks. However, the majority of consumers are drinking more at home and are placing greater value on experiencing various alcoholic drinks, which will remain the ... Read More

  • Spirits in Germany

    ... level of maturity of several types of spirits. Compared with the review period, the total volume sales decline over the forecast period will be worse. The volume sales decline is expected to be marginally stronger ... Read More

  • Spirits in India

    ... resulting from the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Despite a revision of the roadside ban in the second half of 2017 from 500 to 220 metres, distribution continued to be disrupted. Additionally, the category was ... Read More

  • Spirits in Mexico

    ... outstanding performance was posted by Diageo’s Black & White, with sales being driven mainly by demand among younger adults. The good performance of mid-priced brands can be attributed to the aspirational positioning of whiskies, which ... Read More

  • Spirits in Hong Kong, China

    ... the most dynamic performance, as it demonstrates luxury and status. This category therefore benefited from the move towards more premium spirits. Other blended Scotch whisky also saw growth in 2017, driven by a strong off-trade ... Read More

  • Spirits in Indonesia

    ... and thus target middle- to lower-income households. However, this consumer group often does not consume alcoholic drinks, due to their negative image, and it is seen as a taboo in many households. In addition, they ... Read More

  • Alcoholic Drinks in India

    ... primary method of payment in India when purchasing alcoholic drinks and so sales were affected by the government’s decision to discontinue INR500 and INR1,000 bank notes. Sales were further affected by a Supreme Court ruling ... Read More

  • Europe Alcoholic Spirits Market Forecast 2018-2026

    ... market is anticipated to witness a CAGR increase of 0.67%. Countries in the Eastern Europe are expected to benefit more over the forecast period. MARKET INSIGHTS Demand for premium spirits is the key growth driver ... Read More

  • Spirits in Egypt

    ... are famous international brands that are popular among consumers. However, high duty levies of 1,800%, the recent devaluation (halved value of Egyptian pound against US dollar) and increase of VAT to 14% in 2017 have ... Read More

  • Spirits in Georgia

    ... consumers, partly because it is perceived as a relatively cheap drink, and such products are widely available across the country. However, consumer interest in other types of spirits is gradually increasing. Young adults in particular ... Read More

  • Spirits in Serbia

    ... and brandy also accounted for high shares. Bitters (liqueurs) are a favourite with many consumers, especially women, while brandy sales benefit from the popularity of the Vinjak brand. Rachiu/rakija and bitters are projected to see ... Read More

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