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Research and Development in the food industry includes studying product development of new food products, processes, and ingredient formulation. This also includes studying different and new ways to store, market, distribute and sell food.

Like with many other industries, research and development in the food industry is necessary so companies can remain knowledgeable on trends and consumer demands. Using research can allow companies to determine what food products are working or which ones are failing, and what they can do to change. Some of the biggest concerns for companies that influence their research and development decisions include: new trends, emerging geographies, new food categories, competitor brands and strategies, new product developments, packaging innovations, economic/lifestyle influences, distribution, and pricing issues.

With a growing global population, many companies are working to develop ideas on how to increase food production. This includes many scientific methodologies such as: GMOs, enzyme technology, and other modified foods. Studies on different ingredients such as probiotics, starch derivatives, and fibers, and how they can be used are also available.’s collection of market research studies on the research and development in the food industry will help you stay knowledgeable in this evolving market. We offer a full array of studies on topics from GMOs to new technologies in the market. Also available is a full library of ingredient specific studies for research and development.

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