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Medical Devices Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Medical devices are durable and disposable in nature. These devices can be used for a wide variety of conditions for surgical procedures, home health care, clinical settings or in the medical office setting. A medical device is an instrument, apparatus, implant, in vitro reagent or anything similar which can be used to diagnose, prevent or treat a disease within the body. It can be as simple as a tongue depressor, medical thermometer or disposable gloves. It can also be as complex as a computer which can assist in medical testing, an implant like a stent or a prosthesis. Globally, the medical device market is over $209 billion.

Medical devices are classified in one of three regulatory classes, the classification is dependent on the intended use of the device and indications for use. The US accounts for approximately 38% of the global medical device market. China, Japan, Russia and Brazil have the most stringent regulatory compliance for medical devices. Research can be found within market research industry reports which will further outline economic industry trends, device regulation globally and challenges facing medical device leaders.

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Medical Devices Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Research Report on China's Condom Industry, 2019-2023

    ... transmitted diseases (STDs) and improving the quality of sexual life. Since 2002 when the Chinese government liberalized the control over the condom industry, China’s condom industry has achieved fast development. According to CRI, the annual ... Read More

  • Global Contact Lens Market (By Segments, Materials, Design, Modality, Region), Key Technologies, Key Players Analysis, Recent Developments - Forecast to 2025

    ... by 2025. Contact lenses are thin plastic discs made from hydrogel or silicon hydrogel. Contact lenses are used for vision correction, and for cosmetic and aesthetic purpose to change the color or appearance of eye. ... Read More

  • Global Dialysis Market: Industry Analysis & Outlook (2019-2023)

    ... a machine to be cleaned, using a special fluid called dialysate, a mixture of pure water and chemicals, to pull wastes out of blood without removing substances which the body needs. The dialysis market is ... Read More

  • India Medical Devices Q3 2019

    ... universal healthcare over the longer term,coupled with the rising healthcare expectations of the expanding middle class, supporting further development of the private sector,will be primary growth drivers. The increasingly competitive operating environment and expanding market ... Read More

  • Sweden Medical Devices Q3 2019

    ... which proportionally is one of the largest in theworld, the rising incidence of chronic disease and the desire to remain at the forefront of technological innovation, will be the maingrowth drivers in the market, while ... Read More

  • North America Dental Consumables Market Forecast 2019-2027

    ... regions are well-positioned to take advantage of technological developments like computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) 3D printing, which acts as a major advantage for this market. MARKET INSIGHTS The North American dental consumables market is ... Read More

  • Home Health Care Services

    ... their homes. Major companies include AMEDISYS, Apria Healthcare Group, Kindred at Home, and Lincare Holdings (all based in the US), along with Allied Healthcare (UK), LVL Médical Groupe (France), and Saint Elizabeth Health Care (Canada). ... Read More

  • Global Dental Consumables Market Forecast 2019-2027

    ... 2027. The market growth is mainly driven by the demand from the increasing aging population across the globe, as well as from the younger generation focusing on dental aesthetics. Some of the other key factors ... Read More

  • Asia Pacific Dental Consumables Market Forecast 2019-2027

    ... generating $xx million over this forecast period. China, Japan, India, South Korea, Australia and the remaining countries altogether forming the Rest of Asia Pacific regional segment are considered for the market analysis. MARKET INSIGHTS The ... Read More

  • Europe Dental Consumables Market Forecast 2019-2027

    ... process from up to $xx million by 2027. Dental consumables form the largest segment of the dental industry, and also hold high potential for the growth due to the increasing incidence of oral disease and ... Read More

  • Global Internal Trauma Fixation Devices Market

    ... end users. The market is segmented, by product, into closure devices and bone cement. Revenue forecasts from 2018 to 2023 (with a base year of 2017) are given for each type of product, each end-user ... Read More

  • GN Store Nord AS (GN) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    ... bring to you a clear and an unbiased view of the company’s key strengths and weaknesses and the potential opportunities and threats. The profile helps you formulate strategies that augment your business by enabling you ... Read More

  • Maquet Holding BV & Co KG - Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    ... on the company’s key employees, key competitors and major products and services. This up-to-the-minute company report will help you to formulate strategies to drive your business by enabling you to understand your partners, customers and ... Read More

  • Air Liquide SA (AI) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    ... to you a clear and an unbiased view of the company’s key strengths and weaknesses and the potential opportunities and threats. The profile helps you formulate strategies that augment your business by enabling you to ... Read More

  • Italy Medical Devices Q3 2019

    ... cost-containment measures will restrict market growth. Despite falling hospital debt, small companieswill continue to deal with a notorious amount of red tape and payment delays in the public sector, which represents about 70% ofthe market. Read More

  • Jordan Medical Devices Q3 2019

    ... tourism, a key market growth driver. Jordan’s focus onboosting the healthcare sector as part of its 2018-2022 economic strategy will nevertheless support medical devices marketgrowth, which will remain positive boosted by a modest economic recovery. Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Medical Devices Q3 2019

    ... Vision 2030. The Kingdom is activelyencouraging partnerships between local health organisations and foreign multinationals. It is looking for full-spectrum support ofhealthcare services, in addition to the purchase of advanced medical technologies and products. Companies that ... Read More

  • Belgium Medical Devices Q3 2019

    ... which will restrict increases in health expenditure.The rising health needs of the expanding elderly population and the drive to improve the care of patients with chronic conditionswill be the main growth drivers in the market. Read More

  • Colombia Medical Devices Q3 2019

    ... over this decade thanin the last, while exports will remain low and continue to target neighbouring Latin American markets. Multinationals will furtherconsolidate the market, while regulatory improvements and stronger market competition will keep prices lower. Read More

  • Egypt Medical Devices Q3 2019

    ... enormous potential for growth as the country has the largest population in the Arabworld. Improving political and economic fundamentals will support long-term market growth, following recent economic turbulenceand the massive depreciation of the Egyptian pound. Read More

  • Global Dental 3D Printing Market Research Report 2019-2023

    ... economic volatility and uncertainty, it will have a big influence on this market. Dental 3D Printing Report by Material, Application, and Geography – Global Forecast to 2023 is a professional and comprehensive research report on ... Read More

  • Ukraine Medical Devices Q3 2019

    ... in US dollar terms due to local currency depreciation. Health system reform and the modernisation of healthcarefacilities will support market growth. Demand for medical equipment is largely met by imports due to the under-capitaliseddomestic industry. Read More

  • Iran Medical Devices Q3 2019

    ... local currency depreciation. We expect the Iran economy to slide deeper into recession thin2019 as exports and investment decline. The government will prioritise current spending, most notably on core welfareprogrammes and the subsidisation of basic ... Read More

  • Latvia Medical Devices Q3 2019

    ... back of a strengthening economy andincreased public investment in healthcare supported by EU funds. Trade with fellow EU member states will continue to increase asbusiness activity with Russia and other former Soviet bloc countries wanes. Read More

  • Taiwan Medical Devices Q3 2019

    ... in the world in value terms. The market will see relatively highgrowth over the next five years and will remain primarily dependent on imports. Pricing pressures for manufacturers will increasedue to cost containment measures including ... Read More

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