Telecommuting Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

With the changes in the working environment many business are looking at telecommuting for some (or even all) of their workforce. That was once an outrageous idea has now grown into something businesses consider more often as ways to save money, give employees flexibility and become “greener” as a result.

This arrangement allows an employee to work from home or a remote location and perform the same functions as those of being in the office. Employees are often set up with the same type of technology – computer, phone, fax and internet that they would have if they weren’t working from home. Telecommuting not only benefits the employee, as it allows them flexibility in regard to work/life balance, but also affords benefits to the company in regard to lower overhead when it comes to office space, etc. Although the benefits are many, the telecommuter will also have to deal with a variety of distractions such as children, doges, doorbells, etc. The telecommuter must balance these distractions in order to complete their assignments. offers a variety of reports that help you determine if telemarketing will work for your organization. Here you will find information on implementing programs as well as the technology needed for this to be effective. Keep ahead of your competition and see if telecommuting makes sense for yourself, your company and/or employees.
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Telecommuting Industry Research & Market Reports

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