Paint & Coatings Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

This industry comprises businesses primarily involved in mixing pigments, solvents, and binders into paints and other coatings, such as stains, lacquers, varnishes, enamels, shellacs, and water repellant coatings for concrete and masonry, and/or manufacturing associated paint products, such as putties, paint and varnish removers, and paint brush cleaners and frit.

Specific examples include architectural coatings (i.e., paint), calcimines, dispersions, pigment, dopes, paints, lacquers, driers, varnish, enamel, epoxy resin coatings, fillers, dry and liquid pastes, glazier putty, industrial product finishes, latex, marine paint, vehicle paints, and much more.

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Paint & Coatings Industry Research & Market Reports

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