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Life Science diagnostics is a process comprised of the use of logics, analytics, and experience to determine cause and effect relationships. Primarily used in the medical field, diagnostics is concerned with discovering what type of disease and or condition best describes an individual’s symptomatology.  Diagnostic information is typically collected through personalized history and physical examination and involves the use of one or more diagnostic tests.  A variety of different types of diagnostic tests are currently in use, they include:
  • Clinical Diagnostics: Diagnostics made based on symptomology
  • Laboratory Diagnostics: Diagnostics based primarily on lab results
  • Radiological Diagnostics: Diagnostics featuring medical imagery
  • Differential Diagnostics: Diagnostics based on all possible medical explanations
  • Exclusion Diagnostics: Diagnostics made by the process of elimination
  • Remote Diagnostics: Diagnostics done remotely by tele-medicine
In addition to being medically relevant, the diagnostic industry and its various technological components are big business. For more information on the diagnostic industry in the Life Sciences field see the industry reports from MarketResearch.com listed below.
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Diagnostics Industry Research & Market Reports

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