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Among the most common form of insurance offered today, Automobile Insurance offers protection for the policy holder against liability, damage, and bodily injury derived from incidents (normally traffic collisions) involving covered motor vehicles.

Automobile Insurance companies and policies are governed by different regulations depending on national, state and local legislation that can range from assurances of coverage, requirements for coverage levels, restrictions on vehicle ownership without insurance, and various other aspects of policy ownership on the part of the policy holder, and insurance company.

Automobile Insurance companies use a variety of methods to set their customer’s rates in this highly competitive market, including (but not limited to): gender, age, driving history, marital status, vehicle classification, location where the vehicle is parked, and estimated distance for the vehicle to be driven, with some insurance companies now offering incentives to policy holders who are accident free for a year or more in order to spur interest in their services.

As the internet became more widely used, Auto Insurance companies were among the industries that most readily took to the online business model, immediately seeing the benefit to widespread access to their product. With companies like eSurance, GEICO and Progressive making in-roads into the more traditional agency model used by All State, Nationwide and State Farm, the Automobile Insurance industry is one of the more dynamic in the business world.’s Automobile Insurance category represents the latest reports covering this fast changing industry, offering insight into a variety of jurisdictions, companies and the overall market, as well as providing market trends, projections, policy holders, opportunities, and sales in international, global and the various US markets

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Automobile Industry Research & Market Reports

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