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Equipment, materials, products and technologies for liquid, gas or fluid purification, separation and filtration are widely used throughout the industrial sector and for residential and commercial consumers to provide water, air and gas filtration and purification capabilities. Fractional distillation (at liquid phases or cryogenic conditions), adsorption and absorption are alternatives to membrane separation of heterogeneous gas mixtures. Sorption methods result in the surface accumulation or altering of the active materials, requiring frequent replacement or cleaning, and cryogenic distillation of unpurified or mixed gases is a highly energy-intensive process. Bulk procurable synthetic and organic membranes have become available at lower costs and have become more common in industrial filtration, purification and separation systems for fluid streams. Membrane separation has demonstrated industrial applications, including hydrogen separation from hydrocarbon gas streams, recovery of hydrogen from industrial processes such as oil refining, separation of methane from other constituent biogases (carbon dioxide [CO2], nitrogen, and hydrogen sulfide), and enriched air production (increased levels of oxygen). Removal of nitrogen for inert process gas applications and CO2 from natural gas during processing, removal of hydrogen sulfide from produced gases, removal of water from gas (desiccation), and the filtration and removal of complex organic compounds (like VOLs) are additional examples of the uses of membrane separation in industrial processes. Reverse osmosis (RO) and other water purification applications, medicinal dialysis, and food disinfection can also be accomplished through synthetic or artificial membranes, with filtration and separation achieved through flow geometries, device design, and pore diameters of porous polymer membranes.
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Membranes & Separations Industry Research & Market Reports

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