General Human Resources Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Typically human resources (HR) is the department of a company responsible for overall employee relations. This department is challenged with balancing the welfare of the employees as well as the company itself. Since the human resources function can be quite broad, within this department a human resource generalist is mainly in focused on human resource policies and procedures. This individual is able to answer questions regarding the policies and programs that are in place within the organization.

The general human resources function involves someone who is not only responsible for the hiring and firing of individuals, but also the management of the talent within an organization. Since most large companies have numerous individuals on staff, there are sometimes conflicting views and this department is partly responsible for managing employee relations. Other areas focused on for the generalist include departmental development, training, benefits, compensation and employment and compliance in regarding to regulatory guidelines. is your one-stop to find out what you need to know in regard to general human resources. Here you will find information on OSHA compliance as well as talent management software, industry growth trends, consulting and outsourcing. The reports available will help you stay ahead of your competition while maintaining the value of the human resources within your organization.
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General Human Resources Industry Research & Market Reports

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