Clinical Laboratory Instrumentation Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

This category usually refers to the large-scale instruments within a clinical lab setting (most often a hospital but any healthcare setting), used for the practice of medicine. Items in this category might be the actual diagnostic equipment such as immunoanalyzers, automated urinalysis machines that perform a clinical function but also the sample transport and specimen identification machines that are an important part of the laboratory setting. Reports on these equipment markets as well as general trends in laboratory medicine may be found in this category.

The days of handling one or two samples at a time have long passed in the clinical laboratory. Now it is necessary to execute scores or hundreds of samples and test for a variety of conditions. Automation is an important trend in this market, and automation is driving most of the development. Specific machines are required for the automated process, and tracks and belts are needed as part of these machines.

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Clinical Laboratory Instrumentation Industry Research & Market Reports

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